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Port Scanner Code Development Assignment Solution using Python


Write a python assignment where you have to enhance the port scanner code developed in class to scan IP ports. The program should ask for the IP number, starting port number, and ending port number.

After all the requisite ports are scanned, the system should print the total time it takes to do that. (Hint: Use time module)

Output 1

Output 2

After all, ports are scanned, prints the total time taken in seconds.

Output 3


import socket import time import sys from datetime import date if __name__ == '__main__': # ask for domain ip = input("Enter ip address or domain name to scan: ") # Validate that input is numeric for starting port end ending port try: port_a = int(input("Enter starting port number (1 - 65535): ")) port_b = int(input("Enter ending port number (1 - 65535 greater than start port num): ")) except: print("The input for starting port and ending port must be numeric.") sys.exit(1) # Check that starting port and ending port are between 1-65535 if port_a not in range(1, 65535+1) or port_b not in range(1,65535+1): print("Starting port and ending prot must be between 1-65535.") sys.exit(1) if port_b <= port_a: print("Ending port number must be greater than starting port number.") sys.exit() # print info print('*'*30) print(f"List of open ports. Host:{ip} Start Port#:{port_a} End Port#:{port_b}") print(f"Start: {date.today()}") print('*'*30) # Save starting time start_time = time.time() for port in range(port_a, port_b+1): # iterate through ports print(f"Scanning port {port}", end="\r") try: a_socket = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) a_socket.settimeout(1) result = a_socket.connect_ex((ip, port)) if result == 0: # port open print(f"{ip}:Port:{port}") except socket.error as e: #print("time out.") print(e) finally: a_socket.close() # Save ending time end_time = time.time() # Print time taken print("Time taken {:.2f} seconds".format(end_time-start_time))