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Program To Calculate Using Math Functions in Java Language Assignment Solution.


Write a java assignment program to calculate using math functions in java language.

Requirements and Specifications

Program to calculate using math functions in java

Source Code

import java.util.Scanner;

public class App {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

        // Create scanner

        Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);

        // Create variables to hold inputs

        double angle;

        double speed;

        double g;

        // Create variables to hold calculations

        double speed_mps;

        double angle_rad;

        double speed_y;

        double speed_x;

        double upward_t;

        double total_t;

        double height;

        double distance;

        // Display header

        System.out.println("========= Distance Calculation ========");

        // Ask user for angle and speed

        System.out.print("Enter angle (deg) and speed (mph): ");

        angle = sc.nextDouble();

        speed = sc.nextDouble();

        // Ask for gravity

        System.out.print("Enter gravity (m/s^2): ");

        g = sc.nextDouble();

        // Now, do calculations

        // Let's be sure that the angle is between 0.0 and 90.0

        angle = Math.max(0.0, angle);

        angle = Math.min(angle, 90.0);

        speed_mps = speed*1609.34/3600;

        angle_rad = angle*Math.PI/180;

        speed_y = speed_mps*Math.sin(angle_rad);

        speed_x = speed_mps*Math.cos(angle_rad);

        upward_t = speed_y/g;

        total_t = 2*upward_t;

        height = speed_y*upward_t - 0.5*g*Math.pow(upward_t, 2.0);

        distance = speed_x*total_t;

        // Now, print

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Angle", angle, "deg");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Mph", speed, "m/h");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Gravity", g, "m/s^2");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Speed", speed_mps, "m/s");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Radian", angle_rad, "rad");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Vertical Speed", speed_y, "m/s");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Horizontal Speed", speed_x, "m/s");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Upward Duration", upward_t, "s");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Total Duration", total_t, "s");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Height", height, "m");

        System.out.printf("%25s:%11.4f (%s)\n", "Distance", distance, "m");