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Python Program to Create Card-Game Assignment Solution.


Write a program to create card-game in python.

Requirements and Specifications

Suppose we want to be able to place cards back into a deck. Modify the Deck class (will be attached below) to include the operations addTop, addBottom, and addRandom (the last one inserts the card at a random location in the deck). And write unit tests to test the methods suit, suitName and rankNameof Card class in Card.py (Will be attached below).
Source Code
from random import randrange
from Card import Card
class Deck:
def __init__(self):
""" Creates a 52 card deck in standard order """
cards = []
for suit in Card.SUITS:
for rank in Card.RANKS:
self.cards = cards
def size(self):
"""Cards left
post: Returns the number of cards in self"""
return len(self.cards)
def deal(self):
""" Deal a single card
pre: self.size() > 0
post: Returns the next card, and removes it from self.card if
the deck is not empty, otherwise returns False"""
if self.size() > 0:
return self.cards.pop()
return False
def shuffle(self):
"""Shuffles the deck
post: randomizes the order of cards in self"""
n = self.size()
cards = self.cards
for i,card in enumerate(cards):
pos = randrange(i,n)
card[i] = card[pos]
cards[pos] = card
def addTop(self, card: Card):
Add a card at the top (beginning) of the deck (list of cards)
self.cards.insert(0, card)
def addBottom(self, card: Card):
Add a card at the bottom (last index) of the deck (list of cards)
def addRandom(self, card:Card):
Add a card at a random position of the deck
self.cards.insert(randrange(0, len(self.cards)-1), card)