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Create a Program to Implement Vectors and Arrays in Python Assignment Solution.


To complete a Python assignment, you need to write a program that implements vectors and arrays in Python. This task involves understanding the fundamental concepts of vectors and arrays and how they can be represented and manipulated in Python. By completing this assignment, you'll not only demonstrate your grasp of these concepts but also enhance your programming skills in Python.

Requirements and Specifications

program to implement ramp building in python
program to implement ramp building in python 1

Source Code

# Your name

import math

# Print an intro

print("Welcome to the ramp calculator.")

# Get the width and height

height = float(input("Enter the height: "))

width = float(input("Enter the width: "))

# Calculate the ramp's length (hypotenuse)

hypotenuse = math.sqrt(math.pow(width, 2) + math.pow(height, 2))

print("The calculated ramp length is " + str(hypotenuse))