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I have been working as a programming homework helper for more than ten years. I am based in Washington, where I have worked with many students from top universities. I am a Java homework help specialist even though I know all the other areas in programming. Over my ten-year period working with programminghomeworkhelp.com, I have delivered more than 2400 orders in Java. My passion is helping students to pass their programming homework as well as have adequate knowledge in programming. If you are looking for a reliable programming homework helper in the USA, then I am here to help you score better grades.

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JDBC homework is challenging for students. If you are struggling with homework in JDBC, I am here to give you a helping hand. Being an experienced JDBC homework helper, I help students get top grades in their homework. I cover all topics in JDBC, such as connectivity with oracle, driver manager, steps to connect to the database, and many more. My services are fast-class, and that is evident in my rating. I am readily available, and therefore you can reach out to me at any hour of the day. With me, you will enjoy the best solutions delivered before the deadline. Reach out to me by submitting your homework here, and I will go through your work and send you a free quotation. I am committed to seeing you get a better grade in your JDBC homework.

I/O Stream Homework solver

Have you had a bad experience hiring experts online? Are you looking for that one genuine tutor to help you solve your I/O stream homework? Worry no more because I am here to ensure that your work is completed within the specified time. I am an experienced I/O stream homework solver working with students to get a top grade. My approach to homework is simple, and I take time to understand each question before proceeding. I also ensure that all solutions are grammatically correct and the proper format is in place. With me, you will enjoy the best quality at the lowest possible price. I want every student to access help without having to dig too deep into their pockets. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable tutor who will guarantee you a top grade, think of me.

Affordable Java Array Project Helper

Are you struggling with your Java array project? Worry no more because I am available and ready to help you. I am aware of the challenges students go through handling their java projects. Having gone through the same during my learning days, I decided to start helping students get better grades in their Java array projects. Being an experienced Java array project helper, I know all that is expected of you as a student in your project. I do all your work from scratch, ensuring that you get good quality and plagiarism-free solutions. What is more, I ensure that my work is simplified and easy to understand so that you can have an easy time in case of presentation. Whether you are having a challenge in cloning an array in Java, passing an array to methods, an anonymous array in Java, or any other topic, I am here to ensure that you get the quality of solutions you are looking for.

Web Server and Application Server Wizard

If you are looking for a web server and application server wizard, you are at the right place. For many years, I have been offering high-quality web server and application server solutions to students. I provide high-quality solutions at low prices. I ensure that students do not spend sleepless nights on their challenging homework. My services are available globally, and therefore your geographical location should not stop you from accessing top-quality solutions. Hire me today by submitting your homework here.
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/** * A beehive will consist of only one Queen bee (is not considered as a Bee * object as it is quite different). Other entities include eggs, larva, pupa, * female worker bees and male drone bees. The population of worker and drone * bees fluctuate depending on the varying daily egg laying of capability of the * queen. With the exception of the Queen, all eggs, larva, pupa, worker and * drones are considered as Bee objects to be instantiated from the Bee class. * For future extension purposes, the instances of the class Bee should be made * sortable based on the age attribute. * */ public class Bee { public static int beeCount = 0; // Whole number – (Class Variable/shared across all instances) private int beeId; // Whole number (Unique and incremental identifier for each instance) private int age; // Whole number private String type; // Text (values include 'egg','larva', 'pupa', 'worker','drone') private int nectarCollectionSorties; // Whole number (how many times a worker bee has gone to fetch nectar on a // particular day) private boolean eaten; // True/False (whether the larva/worker/drone received its share of honey on a // particular day) private boolean alive; // True/False (whether or not the larva/worker/drone is alive) public Bee() { beeCount += 1; this.beeId = beeCount; this.age = 0; this.type = "Egg"; this.nectarCollectionSorties = 0; this.eaten = false; this.alive = true; } public Bee(int age, String type) { beeCount += 1; this.beeId = beeCount; this.age = age; this.type = type; this.nectarCollectionSorties = 0; this.eaten = false; this.alive = true; } public int compareTo(Object obj) { if (obj instanceof Bee) { Bee bee = (Bee)(obj); if(bee.getBeeId() < this.beeId) { return -1; } else if (bee.getBeeId() > this.beeId) { return 1; } else { if (bee.getType().equals(this.type)) { return 0; } } } return 1; } public int getAge() { return age; } public int getBeeId() { return beeId; } public int getNectarCollectionSorties() { return nectarCollectionSorties; } public String getType() { return type; } public void incrementAge() { this.age += 1; } public void incrementNectarCollectionSorties() { this.nectarCollectionSorties += 1; } public boolean isAlive() { return this.alive == true; } public boolean isEaten() { return this.eaten == true; } public void setAge(int age) { this.age = age; } public void setAlive(boolean alive) { this.alive = alive; } public void setEaten(boolean eaten) { this.eaten = eaten; } public void setNectarCollectionSorties(int nectar) { this.nectarCollectionSorties = nectar; } public void setType(String type) { this.type = type; } @Override public String toString() { // return "Bee ID: " + this.beeId + // "\nAge: " + this.age + // "\nType: " + this.type + // "\nNectar Collection Sorties: " + this.nectarCollectionSorties + // "\nHas eaten: " + this.eaten + // "\nIs alive: " + this.alive; return "Bee [beeCount=" + beeCount + ", beeId=" + beeId + ", type=" + type + ", age=" + age + ", nectarCollectionSorties=" + nectarCollectionSorties + ", eaten=" + eaten + ", alive=" + alive + "]"; } }

Java classes and objects

import java.util.Scanner; public class ChocolateCoupons { // Entry point of the program public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in); // Ask the money of the user System.out.println("How much money can you spend on chocolate bars?"); int cash = in.nextInt(); // Calculate how many chocolate bars can be bought // Each choc costs $1 int numChocs = cash; // Each choc has a coupon int numCoupons = numChocs; // We use the coupons to buy another set of chos // 6 coupons is to 1 choc while (numCoupons>= 6) { numCoupons -= 6; numChocs += 1; // More coupon for each choc numCoupons++; } // Report the total number of chocs System.out.println("After redeeming coupons, you have " + numCoupons + " leftover coupons and can purchase a total of " + numChocs + " chocolate bars."); } }