Java servlets and web frameworks

Java is a robust language that can be used to develop an avalanche of websites for different industries such as ecommerce and banking. More so, Java can be used to develop dynamic pages. Dynamic pages are the pages whose contents change from time to time. However, there are quite a few java technologies used to develop a web and you need to understand them fully before you can develop a website. These are servlets and web frameworks. If you have never heard of them, do not worry.In this article, we will introduce them to you in a simple way so that you may have a basic idea of what they are. For any queries, contact our online Java servlets and web frameworks tutors.

Java servlets.

If you have used Java, then you probably know that Java provides a way of generating dynamic pages through java servlet. They have the ability to respond to a variety of requestsand they can extend the applications tohosting web servers. Simply put, Servlets are a set of Java programs that handle requests from the webserver.

 Servlets are the Java classes that run on the Java-enabled web application server. Normally they work on the server-side and have a robust capability of handling very complex requests.

A servlet is tasked with reading both the implicit and explicit data from the client. After reading this data, it processes it in such a way that it's able to provide that client with what they need. After that, servlets collect the necessary documents which they can send to the clients.

Java servlets are java classes that are run like all classes on your computer. But two main packages are used to create a servlet. These are javax.servelet and javax.servelt.http. These packages have to be installed into your machine specifically into your path, so that, you can access them and use them to develop a servlet.

Java servlets are server-side technologies that are used to create dynamic pages. One server-side technology that has been in use in the industry was a common gateway interface or commonly a CGI. But servlets were developed to help curb the challenges of CGI and therefore hold the following advantages.

Servlets can manage cookies while CGI cannot.

In terms of costs, servlets are considered to be less expensive

Servlets can directly communicate with the webserver, whereas CGI cannot.

Servlets make it possible to share data.

Portability is high in servlets as compared to CGI.

The servlet container.

This is another important part that is worth mentioning in this article. The servlet container is a set of integrated components that provide a runtime environment for the servlets. They provide services such as session management, security service, and network service.

Web frameworks. 

This is another feature that supports the creation of a dynamic website. A Web framework (WF) fully supports all the processes involved in the creation, development, and publishing of web app and web sites. It's simply the body of pre-written code that simplifies the programmer's work in creating a web app. They can be reused to create more web apps in the future. Implying that the programmer does not need to develop web app lines of code from scratch. Only use these and use them as a baseline for web creation.

Java frameworks have everything set for a programmer, and in most cases, depending on the framework that you have chosen, it could contain a set of predefined classes and functions. Java has lots of frameworks that any programmer can use. Examples are spring, struts, and hibernate.

Why most programmers prefer to use web frameworks.

They generally simplify the work of the programmer. They're there to help the programmer, since they contain a skeleton base from where the programmer can begin their coding. Additionally, web frameworks simplify the whole process and reduce the development time.

From here, there is a lot that needs to be learnt on the topic. Though we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, there are key concepts that we could not cover here.We would appreciate if you contact our online Java servlets and web frameworks experts for assignment help.

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