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Time Complexity of Various Algorithms in C

In every test case input array size increase from 10000 to 320000.
  1. In every test case, the merge sort algorithm time is linearly increasing. So we can say merge sort is the best sorting algorithm for all types of input like a random value in an array or reverse sorted array and sorted array takes low time because of comparison is fast if memory is no problem because merge sort takes o(n)extra space when merging two arrays in merge function. Array elements with fast comparisons and slow copying seem to slightly penalize the merge sort.
  2. After Merge Sort Quick Sort performs better because chooses the start element as a pivot which is random in given input but if we choose pivot as the largest number then Quick Sort also takes time.
  3. Selection sort time increases in o(n2) terms so we can use this algorithm for a small number of elements to be sort.
  4. Insertion sort performs better than Selection Sort for Random Data.
comparison or copying is slow then insertion not perform better

Graph: Below graph is between test cases with different sizes and time taken by every algorithm. Time Complexity of Various Algorithms in C