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Namespaces can be defined as a container in which classes, interfaces, delegates, structures, and other namespaces are stored. Though they are not mandatory in C#, when applied, they add a certain level of separation in code, enabling programmers to write cleaner and more manageable programs. Also, by putting related data types together, namespaces help solve the problem of naming conflict. For instance, multiple classes when put in a namespace can be given the same name.


Interfaces are used to hold definitions for groups of related functionalities that structs or non-abstract classes must implement. They can define static methods that must have an implementation. Programmers use interfaces to include multiple behaviors in a class. This is important when writing applications in C# because this language does not allow multiple inheritances of classes.


A thread is the path of execution of a program. It is a lightweight process and each thread defines and explains a unique and specific flow of the application. If the program you are developing involves complex and time-consuming processes, it is recommended that you set different threads or execution paths, with each path carrying out a specific job. One common use of threads in C# is the implementation of concurrent programs. Using threads reduces wastage in CPU cycles, increasing the efficacy of programs.

Lambda expressions

A lambda expression is an algorithm used to define unnamed (anonymous) functions that can be passed as parameters or variables to a method call. It can be of two types: an expression lambda where the body is an expression and statement lambda where the body is a statement block. When creating a lambda expression in C#, the expression or statement block is specified on the right side of the lambda and the input parameters on the other.


Generics allow programmers to define and elaborate the specification of programming elements’ data types in a method or class. The programmer writes specifications for the method or class with auxiliary parameters for data types. Once the compiler finds a constructor for the function or class call, it creates a code to handle the defined data type. C# allows developers to define generic classes, abstract classes, interfaces, methods, fields, static methods, delegates, events, operators, and properties.
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