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Get instant JavaScript Assignment Help conveniently from our experts

JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted programming language mainly used on the web.

Together with HTML and CSS, they form an important part of the World Wide Web by dictating how information is obtained and laid out by the client (browser). However, the use of JavaScript is not just limited to front-end web development, thanks to the many emerging technologies based on the language.

Today, it is possible to use JavaScript for backend programming thanks to Node.js, a server-side framework based on JavaScript. JavaScript is also used in the development of mobile applications and desktop applications with the help of frameworks such as React Native and Electron respectively.

As a student, you may encounter JavaScript projects that require you to either work with JavaScript as a pure language (Vanilla JS) or use a framework. These tasks can be very challenging and require huge amounts of knowledge and research in order to get things right.

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Features of JavaScript explained by our JavaScript homework helpers

As a high-level programming language, JavaScript has so many features; some being common to other languages and others being different. Our JavaScript homework helpers have listed some of these features below:

  • Dynamically typed language
In JavaScript, a type is associated with a value rather than an expression, just like in most other scripting languages.
  • Prototype-based object-orientation
In JavaScript, objects (like in an object-oriented language) are associative arrays augmented with a prototype. JavaScript uses these prototypes in areas where pure object-oriented languages use classes for inheritance.
  • Delegation
In OOP, delegation is the process of evaluating a member of one object in the context of another original object. JavaScript supports both implicit and explicit delegation.
  • First-class functions

JavaScript supports passing functions as arguments to other functions and returning them as values from other functions.

Students need to understand these features to get the most out of JavaScript. If you would like any of the features explained further by a professional, hire JavaScript tutors from our website. We have JavaScript experts in the UK and many other parts of the globe to help students master the basics of this programming language.

Understanding JavaScript’s front-end and back-end


The environment where JavaScript first appeared was the web browser and this has been its main field of play ever since. On the browsers, JavaScript has brought in great functionality to otherwise static web pages. One of the main things that JS brings to any website is interactivity. With JavaScript code, websites become more responsive to actions such as mouse hovers, clicks, automatic media play, etc.


With the advent of Node.js, server-side programming became a reality with JavaScript. The framework provides JS programmers with a means of building server-side applications that can interact with databases, the file system, and any other server-side resource. Apart from back-end programming, Node.js can also be installed on computer workstations to execute JavaScript code locally.

Basic JavaScript programming (data types, variables, functions, etc.)
JavaScript framework applications (React, Vue.js, Node.js, Angular, etc.)
Application pure JavaScript on the web (websites, web pages, single-page applications)
Web applications with JavaScript
Desktop applications with JavaScript (Use of Electron)
JavaScript forms

Topics covered by our online JavaScript Homework Help Service

As a programming language, JavaScript has a wider scope, and being good at the theoretical part of JavaScript is just not enough. Learners now have much more to learn considering that new JavaScript-based technologies are being released on a regular basis.

In web development, for example, knowledge of Node.js, React, and the like is becoming more important for companies, and fetching good grades on these will certainly increase your chances of landing a job after graduation.

Our providers of online JavaScript homework help services are not just programmers. They are enthusiasts who keep up with any new technologies coming up in this language. This means they can solve any assignment you face on JavaScript whether it requires implementing Vanilla JavaScript or the use of a JavaScript-based technology.

When it comes to providing help with JavaScript homework, some of the topics we have encountered include:

There are many more topics we have covered before that aren’t listed here. Just let us know what yours entails and we will serve you with the best possible solutions. Students in Canada and other parts of North America can liaise with our JavaScript homework help experts in Canada for exclusive assistance.

Applications of JavaScript in real life

  • Smart devices’ apps

JavaScript has been used to create apps for smart devices for decades. These include apps for smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, etc. However, some of these apps only act as an interface to a web-based application, and the app data is not stored on the device. Popular JS frameworks that have been used for these tasks include React Native, PhoneGap, and Native Script.

  • Desktop apps

Apparently, the web was never big enough to accommodate this rapidly developing language and today, JavaScript is being used to develop applications for the various operating systems we use today. This has made it much easier for JavaScript developers, who are not equipped with skills in other native operating system languages like C/C++, to develop apps for such environments.

The Electron software development platform is one of the most popular frameworks used for desktop app development in JavaScript. Developed by GitHub, the platform makes it easier for web developers to create desktop applications with the help of other web technologies.
JavaScript assignments can be a nightmare, which we wouldn’t want any student to face.

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