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  • Do You Need Help with JavaScript Homework?
  • Scope
  • Immediately Invoked Function Expression
  • Hoisting

Do You Need Help with JavaScript Homework?

JavaScript is one of the widely-used web development programming languages along with HTML and CSS. While this language is mostly popular for front-end web development, emerging technologies such as Node.js have made it possible for coders to also use it for backend programming. Today, JavaScript projects may require knowledge of pure JavaScript language (Vanilla) or a framework. Whatever the case, you would be happy to know that we have got you covered. If you need help with JavaScript homework, do not hesitate to hire our experts. Discussed below are some of the topics that our JavaScript assignment tutors can assist you with.


A scope is a function in JavaScript that allows the programmer to access variables. It determines the accessibility or visibility of a particular variable when the program is running. Root scope or window scope is the default scope in JavaScript. We can also say that a JavaScript scope is a box that has boundaries for objects and variables. The boundaries determine if the programmer has access to a variable or is restricted. There are two types of scopes in JavaScript, a local scope and a global scope.

Immediately Invoked Function Expression

An immediately invoked function expression or simply IIFE is a JavaScript function that is called and executed immediately after it has been defined. IIFE ensures that there is no pollution in the global scope because its variables are restricted to the outside world. The main reason why IIFE is used is to guarantee data privacy since the code is executed right away after calling.


If you are not familiar with the concept of hoisting in JavaScript, you are bound to get unwanted results. Hoisting saves developers from the “UncaughtReferenceError” that occurs when you call a function before defining it. This happens because the interpreter usually transfers function and variable declaration ahead of the current scope before the code is executed.