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JQuery Assignment Help

JQuery assignment help is one of the most sought after services on the web by students studying web development. The popularity of the library has made it a compulsory set of knowledge for any student seeking to venture into web development. Therefore, good grades in jQuery are very important and as a student, tough assignments can bring your scores down if not careful.

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What is jQuery

JQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that enables developers to easily traverse and manipulate the HTML DOM. Its simplicity and quick learning curve have made jQuery one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.

Its powerful features have also made it stand out above other libraries and for this reason, over 70% of the most popular websites use it. Apart from HTML manipulation, jQuery is also used for creating CSS animation, handling events, and developing AJAX applications.

Important Features Covered By Our JQuery Homework Help

JQuery was designed to make the various tasks of development easy through the writing of less code. If you are facing challenges with the basic concepts of this JavaScript library, do not hesitate to avail of our JQuery homework help in Australia. Here are the key features that are supported by JQuery.

DOM manipulation

 It is easy to select, negotiate, and modify the content of DOM elements in JQuery. You can use a Sizzle, which is a cross-browser open-source selector engine.

Event Handling

JQuery has a unique but effective way of capturing a wide variety of events. A user can click on a link without cluttering the HTML code itself with event handlers.

AJAX support

You can use the AJAX technology in JQuery to develop a feature-rich and responsive site.


You can use the several built-in animation effects that come with JQuery on your websites.


JQuery has a lightweight library that is about 19KB in size. The library is gzipped and minified.

Cross-browser support

JQuery supports and works well with several browsers including Internet Explorer 6.0+, Safari 3.0+, FF 2.0+, and Chrome and Opera 9.0+. With vanilla JavaScript, many inconsistencies always arise mainly because the JavaScript engine works on different browsers.

JavaScript code that works well on one browser may not be executed in another browser. JQuery works to eliminate such inconsistencies by providing an interface that works consistently across all browsers.

Separate JavaScript from HTML

JQuery enables developers to add event handlers to the DOM using JavaScript instead of having HTML event attributes calling JavaScript functions. Being that the jQuery way is simpler to use and the syntax is friendlier, it encourages developers to separate JavaScript from the Markup.

Brief and clear code

JQuery is based on a simple and friendly syntax that is clear and brief. Features such as chainable functions and shorthand function names make jQuery have a brief syntax that is easy to comprehend. As a result, learning jQuery is much easier compared to other JavaScript libraries.


JQuery is extensible and developers can easily add new events, elements, and methods that can be reused as plugins.
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Topics handled by Our JQuery Experts

Our jQuery assignment helpers provide comprehensive coverage of the jQuery course. We are confident that our experts can comfortably handle any topic in jQuery. Some of the frequently requested topics on our website include:

  • JQuery Basics ( selectors, syntax, and events)
  • JQuery UI (interactions, widgets, theming)
  • JQuery effects (show/hide, fade, slide, animation, stop, chaining, callback)
  • JQuery traversing (traversing, ancestors, descendants, siblings, filtering)
  • JQuery manipulation (get/set, insert, remove, CSS classes, style properties, dimensions)
  • JQuery plugins (weather.js, filer.js, alertify.js, slideshow.js, etc)
  • JQuery AJAX (load, get/post)
  • JQuery utilities
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