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JQuery is a powerful, concise, and super-fast JavaScript library that makes event handling and traversing an HTML document easy. It is used for rapid web development by writing less and doing more. Our JQuery homework tutors are immensely experienced and knowledgeable on all the vital features that are supported by JQuery. They can assist you with any JQuery project and ensure that you secure a top grade.

DOM Manipulation

Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation in the process of modifying the structure of a document using a set of APIs that control HTML and styling information. DOM makes extensive use of the document object. It represents every document that is loaded in your browser. DOM manipulation is used by the browser to apply information and the correct style to the elements of a page before it is rendered. Developers and programmers can also use JavaScript to manipulate DOM after the page has been displayed.

Event Handling

An event can be termed as an action that can be identified by a web application. JQuery supports dynamic web page creation using events. Developers can build event handlers on document object model elements using the JQuery Event Model. The method often used for this process is the bind() method. Established event handlers always remain active throughout the life of the page. If you want to remove an event handler, you can use the unbind() command.

AJAX Support

JQuery boasts of a rich set of AJAX techniques that can be used to create superior web applications. The load() method can be used in JQuery AJAX to load both dynamic and static data. There are also situations when a JSON string may be returned against your request by the server. JQuery has the getJSON() utility function which is used to parse the resulting string and makes it available to the callback function.

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