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  • Get AJAX Homework Help for Any Topic
  • AJAX Error Handling
  • JSON

Get AJAX Homework Help for Any Topic

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AJAX helps developers update sections of a webpage without having to reload the whole page. As the name suggests, AJAX asynchronously updates web pages by making changes to data behind the scene. It combines internet standards such as XMLHttpRequest object, XML, CSS and JavaScript. Examples of applications that use Ajax include YouTube, Google, Gmail, Facebook, etc. AJAX can be used for applications where the server-script has been written in PHP.

AJAX Error Handling

Web pages usually send requests to the server. This communication depends on the effective cooperation between the client's network and the server. You can expect the following AJAX errors:

  • An error response is sent to your JavaScript program instead of the data
  • The response takes too long to load and the program waits indefinitely

So how can you handle errors in Ajax?

  • Add a timeout using the $.ajax method
  • Logging a fatal message when there is an error or timeout
  • Logging a warning message when AJAX takes longer to respond


JavaScript Object Notation is a text syntax that is used to store and exchange data. Any JavaScript object can be converted to JSON. Similarly, A JSON from the server can be converted into JavaScript objects. This eliminates the complexity of parsing and translations by enabling us to work with data that are JavaScript objects. JSON can be used as a data format by most programming languages.