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Raptor Programming Assignment Help

Raptor is a flowchart-based visual programming development environment. A flowchart refers to a collection of graphic symbols that are interconnected. Each symbol in a flowchart represents an instruction to be executed. The order in which the instructions are to be executed is guided by the connections between symbols. If you have already interacted with the Raptor tool, then you probably know this. However, if you are a novice, these ideas will become much clearer as you read on. Remember, we are at your service whenever you need Raptor programming assignment help.

Why do we use Raptor?

The raptor tool is used for several reasons. We have listed some of these reasons below:

· The development of Raptor minimizes the amount of syntax that one must learn to write correct program instructions.

· Since Raptor is visual, the programs are diagrams (directed graphs) that can be executed one symbol at a time. This means that it is quite easy to follow the flow of instruction execution in Raptor programs.

· Unlike other programming environments that are complex to use, Raptor is designed for ease of use (you will have to take our word for it)

· The error messages in Raptor are more readily understandable by novice programmers

· Raptor does not require heavy-weight commercial programming languages such as Java and C++

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The program Structure of Raptor

Like we mentioned in the previous section, a Raptor program is made up of a set of symbols that represents actions to be executed. The order in which the actions are taken is determined by the arrows that connect the symbols. To execute a Raptor program, you will have to begin at the START symbol. The END symbol terminates the program. It means you have reached the end of the program. You can create meaningful Raptor programs by placing additional statements between the start and end symbols. Although the structure of a Raptor program may seem too simple, some students still face difficulties with writing them. is here to serve such students. All they have to do is opt for our help with the raptor programming assignment.

An introduction to the statements and symbols used in Raptor by our Raptor Programming Homework Help Experts

There are six basic symbols that are usually used in Raptor. Each of these symbols represents a unique type of instruction. They include:

· Call

· Input

· Selection

· Loops

· Assignment

· Output

There are three basic components that a typical computer program should have:

· Input – It gets the data values needed to accomplish a particular task

· Processing It involves the manipulation of the data values to accomplish the particular task

· Output – It saves or displays the values which offer a solution to the task.

In the table below we have highlighted how the aforementioned components have a direct correlation to Raptor instructions.

aforementioned components table

All these four instructions do something to the variable. The concept of variable is essential if you want to understand how to develop algorithms into working computer programs. Our Raptor homework help professionals are knowledgeable in this area. They are the best people to contact when you are unsure about your assignment.

Raptor Variables

In programming, a variable refers to computer memory locations that hold a data value. A variable can only hold a single value at any given time. However, as the program executes, its value can vary or change. This is the main reason why they are called variables.

You can change or set the value of a variable in one of three ways:

· Using the value entered from an input statement

· Using the value calculated from an equation is an assignment statement

· Using the value from a procedure call.

A program acts differently every time it is executed because of variables and their changing data values. If you do not have an in-depth understanding of variables, we recommend that you do not attempt an assignment related to it on your own. Instead, avail of our Raptor programming homework help service.

The programmer should make sure that all variables are meaningful and descriptive names. The names used should relate to the purpose the variable is serving in your program. Also, the name of a variable must start with a letter. It can only contain letters, numerical digits, and underscores. Spaces and any other special characters cannot be used. So how can you make the name of a variable to be more readable if the name has multiple words? Well, you can use an underscore character to separate each word. In the table below, we have summarized some examples of good, poor, and illegal variable names. Get our help with Raptor assignments if you finding it hard to grasp these concepts.

Variable heads table

Variable body table

Giving each value in a program a meaningful and descriptive variable name can help you think more clearly about the problem you want to solve. It can also help you identify errors in your program. To understand the purpose of a variable better, you should think of them as a way one part of a program communicates with another part. Using the same variable name in different parts of your program means you are using the value that is stored at that location in different parts of your program. You can also think of a variable as a storage area for values between each use or a place holder in your program computations.

There are no variables when a Raptor program starts to execute. Memory locations will be automatically created the first time Raptor encounters a new variable name. This new variable name will be associated with the new memory. From that point in the program execution, the variable will exist until the program terminates. The initial value of the variable will determine whether it will store textual or numerical data. This is what we call a variable’s data type. You should always remember that a data type cannot change during the execution of a program. Buy Raptor programming homework from and set yourself free from stress and anxiety.

Common errors programmers encounter when using variables

· Variable _ does not have a value Error

The two common reasons why you may encounter this error. First, the variable was not allotted a value, and secondly, the name of the variable was misspelled.

· Cannot assign a string to a numeric variable or cannot assign numeric to string variable Error

This error usually occurs when your statements attempt to change the data type of a variable.

The online Raptor experts associated with us know how to handle these errors to perfection. Do not hesitate to hire them when you are in trouble because of your assignment.

Raptor statements/Symbols

· The Input statement/symbol

This symbol allows you to enter data values into a program variable during execution. You must know exactly the type of value expected for input. For this reason, when defining an input statement, you are specifying a string of text that will be the prompt that describes the required input. Make sure that the prompt is as explicit as possible You should mention the units in the prompt in the case, for example, the expected values need to be in feet, meters, miles, etc.

· Assignment statement/symbol

This symbol performs computation and then store the results in a variable. A dialog box is used to define an assignment statement. Pay for Raptor homework here for instant assistance with your tasks related to this symbol.

· Procedure call statement

 A named collection of programming statements that accomplish a task is called a procedure call statement. When you call a procedure, the execution of your program is suspended the called procedure executes the instructions, and then the execution of the program is resumed. To correctly use a procedure, you should know two things:

ü The name of the procedure

ü The data values that the procedure needs to work. These data values are called arguments.

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