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Table Of Contents
  • Our Experts Can Do Your Raptor Homework
  • Raptor Symbols
  • The structure of a Raptor Program
  • Raptor Functions

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Raptor Symbols

There are six symbols in Raptor. Each of these symbols represents a distinct type of instruction. We have highlighted the symbols below:

Homework symbol

It is used to assign a string or numeric value to a variable

Call symbol

It makes calls to procedures that are outside like graphic routines

Input symbol

It prompts the user to enter input

Output symbol

displays the results in the form of text to the master console

Selection symbol

It is used to make decisions

Loop symbol

it is used for cases of repetition and iteration

The structure of a Raptor Program

A raptor program is made up of a connection of the symbols that we have mentioned above. These symbols tell us the actions that are to be executed. It is the arrows used to connect the symbols that determine the sequence in which the actions are going to be executed. Like in a normal flowchart, the raptor code begins at the start symbol and terminates at the end symbol. A raptor tool allows programmers to visualize an algorithm and convert it into code.

Raptor Functions

Here are some mathematical functions that you can use in your Raptor flowchart:


When you supply two arguments to the MAX function, it will return the maximum. On the other hand, if you do the same to the MIN value, it returns the minimum value.

Ceiling & Floor

The ceiling function will return the least integer value that is equal to or greater than the function argument. On the other hand, the floor function returns an integer value that is highest but equal to or less than the function argument


SQRT is a square root function. If you supply an argument to the SQRT function, it will give you its square root.