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68000 Assembly Language.

A look at the above title would suggest that we are going to address 68000 different types of assembly languages. But if you are thinking in this line then I reckon that you have a superficial knowledge of assembly languages. Probably, you do not have even the slightest notion about how many assembly languages exist today. To surprise you further, 68000 is a name of a processor. Yes, this processor was produced by Motorola and has been in the existence for a long time. Does it spark your curiosity, then walk with me to the end of this article and you could definitely find a lot to impress your peers in an argument.

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What is the 68000 processor?

As we have said initially, 68000 is a CPU that was made by Motorola. To be precise, it’s a CISC CPU. A CISC CPU or a complete instruction set computing CPU is a CPU where a single instruction is able to perform a varied task. Its counterpart, the RISC, is the CPU, where a single instruction only performs the intended task. 68000 processor is sometimes referred to like 68k.

68k assembly language is one of the closest ways to communicate with machines. It means that the common languages that we are familiar with such as Java and python are abstract and further away from the machine. But an assembly language is very close to the machine. That is why we refer to languages such as python and Java as high-level programming languages and assembly languages such as 68000 and ARM as low-level programming languages.

68k is a 32-bit processor. Hence, it implements 32-bit registers and 32-bit instruction sets. Registers are simply memory address that holds data. 68k contains both data registers and address registers. It also contains lots of instruction sets.

Reports indicate that Motorola developed the 68k in 1979, and from there for about a decade, it was a boom. It was commonly used in most personal computers at the time. Its close competitor was Intel’s x86 CPU. Notably, the two processors were used in the early Apple Macintosh, Atari ST, and other models of computers available at that time.

However, it’s rare to find modern computers that still have 68k processors. Other advanced processors have been developed that work perfectly with modern computers. This does not mean that the 68k has become extinct over the years. Their use of late is widespread in embedded systems.

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