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Weka Homework Help

Weka (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) is a set of machine learning algorithms that can be called from a Java code or applied to a data set directly. It has tools that support regression, data pre-processing, classification, clustering, visualization, and association rules.

Weka was developed by the University of Waikato and named after a flightless bird in New Zealand. It was created for data mining and research purposes. Your search should end here if you are looking for a reliable Weka homework help service.

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Weka Project Goals

Weka strives to create a modern environment where various machine learning methods can be developed and implemented in real data. It makes these machine learning methods accessible and available to a wide audience. Specialists working in practical fields can use Weka to extract useful knowledge right from relatively high volumes of information.

Most Weka users are researchers plying their trade in the field of applied sciences and machine learning. However, this tool can also be used for various learning purposes. Weka is a top-rated machine learning software that supports developing new approaches in the field of machine learning.

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Implementing the Weka Software

Weka was developed by the international scientific community and is an open-source software solution. It is distributed under the free GNU GPL license. Java programming language was fully used to develop the Weka software. The source data should be presented in the form of a feature matrix of the objects.

Weka programmers can use Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to access SQL databases. Also, they can use the response for an SQL query as the source of data. Weka, however, does not support the processing of related charts.

To handle such a task, you can load into Weka a variety of other tools that allows combining separate charts into a single chart. Hire our Weka professionals if you are struggling with a complicated task related to this software.

Installing Weka

You can install Weka on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. First, you need to download the installation file from Weka's official website, then follow the instructions below.

1. Your downloaded file will look like this Weka-3-8-3-corretto-jvm.dmg file. Right, double-click on it to begin the process of installation.
2. If your installation is a success, you should see a window with an icon. Below the icon, you will see, Weka-3-8-3-corret0-JVM. Click on it to start Weka.
3. If you are an advanced user, you can also start Weka from the command line using this command: java –jar weka.jr. This should start the Weka graphical interface.
4. On the GUI, you should be able to see and run five different applications as listed below:

  • Explorer
  • Experimenter
  • Workbench
  • KnowledgeFlow
  • Simple CLI
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Features and functionality of Weka machine learning as described by our Weka Homework Help Experts

Weka has the Explorer user interface. You can access it using the knowledge Flow component interface and the command prompt. Also, it has a separate Experimented application that can be used to compare predictive features of machine learning algorithms for a given set of tasks.

The Explorer has several different tabs:

The Pre-processing panel

This tab can be used to import data from a CSV file and base by applying various filtration algorithms. For example, deleting objects and characteristics according to the defined criteria, or transforming the quantitative characteristics into discrete ones.

Pre-processing data is the first step in machine learning. With this tab, you will be able to process data and make it fit for the application of various machine learning algorithms.

The Classify Panel

It supports the application of various classification and regression algorithms. Both of these algorithms are called classifiers. The classifying panel is used to extract data, evaluate the predictive abilities of algorithms, and visualize erroneous predictions.

Examples of algorithms that can be applied here include linear regression, decision trees, logistic regression, naive Bayes, RandomTree, support vector machines, RandomForest, and so on.

The Associate Panel

This tab finds the essential interconnection between various characteristics. You will find the FilteredAssociator, FPGrowth, and the Apriori on this tab

The Cluster Panel

The cluster panel tab provides access to the EM algorithm and the K-means algorithms for the Gaussian mixture model.

The Select Attributes Panel

It provides access to a variety of characteristics for choosing methods. Users can make feature selections based on several algorithms including classifierSubsetEval and PrincipalComponents.

The Visualize Panel

This tab allows users to create the scatter plot matrix. It makes it possible to choose and scale charts. The visualize tab is used to visualize data for analysis.

You can see that Weka has several ready-to-use algorithms for testing and building machine learning applications. Programmers who want to effectively use this software must possess sound knowledge of these algorithms, which one to choose under what circumstances and how they work.

In other words, what we are trying to say is that you must have a solid foundation in machine learning if you are to build exceptional apps.
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Loading Data

In this section, we are going to discuss how to load a data file into your Weka explorer. You can load your data from the following sources:
  • Local file system
  • Web
  • Database
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Loading your data from a local file system. You will find the following three buttons right under the tabs we discussed in the previous section:
  • Open file
  • Open URL
  • Open DB
Choose the open file button. You will see a navigator window. Next, move to the folder where your data files are stored. For experimentation, you can choose from a variety of sample databases that comes with Weka installation. You can access these samples in the data folder of the Weka installation. You can select any data file from the folder and load it in the Weka environment and use it for learning purposes.

Loading data from a web

Click on the open URL button. A window requesting you to enter the source URL will appear. You can enter the URL where your data is stored. Your data will be loaded by the explorer from the remote site into its environment.

Loading data from a DB

Choose open DB and set the connection string to your database. Next, set up the query for data selection and process the query. Lastly, load the selected records in Weka.

Weka supports a wide range of file formats:
  • arff
  • arff.gz
  • CSV
  • names
  • xrff
  • JSON
  • json.gz
  • m
  • BSI
  • xrff.gz
  • data
  • dat
You can see the complete list of the formats it supports on the drop-down menu named file of type. However, arff is the preferred format in weka.

Preprocessing Data

Data collected from the field always has some errors. For example, some entries might be missing, irrelevant columns, null fields, etc. For this reason, it is essential to preprocess data and make it conform to the requirements of the type of analysis that you are seeking.

In Weka, you can do this in the pre-processing module. In this example, we are going to use the weather database provided in the installation of demonstrating the available features in preprocessing.

1. Under the preprocessing tag, choose the open file option and then select the weather nominal.arff file
2. When you open the file, you should see several things about the loaded data.

Understanding the data

On the opened window, you can see the current relation sub-window on the left. It provides information on the name of the loaded database and instances. Instances are the number of rows in the table. Our table has five attributes; outlook, temperature, wind, humidity, and play.

You can select any attribute by just clicking on it. This will also display further details related to the attribute. Our online Weka experts have an in-depth understanding of data preprocessing in Weka. You can pay for Weka's homework here and save yourself from homework stress.

Removing Attributes

You can remove an attribute by selecting it and clicking on the Remove button at the bottom. These are just the basics. If your homework is more advanced, avail of our "do my Weka homework” service. Programming Homework Help is the only name you should remember when you are wondering “where can I buy Weka homework?' Who can avail of our Weka Project Help service?

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