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Haskell is a statically typed language. There is a type in every expression of Haskell which is determined at the compile time. All the types framed collectively by the function application has to match up in the end during compilation. And if they do not match up during compilation then the program is not accepted by the compiler.

The following is a sample Haskell home work, so if you need Haskell Assignment Help check out this Assignment.

Binary Tree

8.4 Assignment 2 – Part 2

Here is a very simple definition of a binary tree data structure in Haskell. code/Week06/assign-2-tree.hs

-- data types are defined by constructor patterns
-- Eq equality can be derived from structural equality

-- a binary tree consisting of leaves L or internal nodes N
data BinTree = L | N BinTree BinTree deriving (Eq, Show)

-- this function creates the full binary tree of size 2^(n+1) -1
makeBinTree 0 = L
makeBinTree n = N (makeBinTree (n-1)) (makeBinTree (n-1))

-- this function computes the size of a binary tree
size L = 1
size (N t1 t2) = 1 + size t1 + size t2

And here is a sample session that creates a tree and computes it size. IMPORTANT variables must be lower case!

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The types in Haskell becomes a form of guarantee and it is the language for the construction of the program.


$ ghci

GHCi, version 7.6.3: http://www.haskell.org/ghc/  :? for help
Loading package ghc-prim ... linking ... done.
Loading package integer-gmp ... linking ... done.
Loading package base ... linking ... done.
Prelude> load assign-2-tree.hs

Prelude> :load assign-2-tree.hs 
[1 of 1] Compiling Main             ( assign-2-tree.hs, interpreted )
Ok, modules loaded: Main.

*Main> makeBinTree 3
N (N (N L L) (N L L)) (N (N L L) (N L L))

*Main> let t1 = makeBinTree 3

*Main> t1
N (N (N L L) (N L L)) (N (N L L) (N L L))

*Main> size t1

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  • Phantoms and mutants
  • Continuations and parsing
  • Real-world Haskell
  • Generic programming
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  • Information flow control
  • Haskell fundamentals
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  • Project proposal

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Your Tasks:

In the definition of BinTree, each internal N node must have two sub trees. Thus there is no way to construct a tree of size 2. If you want a binary tree that can be of any size, then you need to introduce a new constructorN1 to BinTree that allows an internal node with only one subtree. Make this modification to BinTree.

Fix the definition of size to account for this modification.

Write a function depth that gives the depth of the modified BinTree tree. The depth of a tree of size 1 is 1.

Write a function makeABinTree such that makeABinTree s constructs a BinTree of size exactly s and that has minimum
possible depth. I.e. a long stringy tree is not allowed.


-- data  types are defined by constructor patterns
-- Eq equality can be derived from structural equality

-- a binary tree consisting of leaves L or internal nodes N
data BinTree = L | N BinTree BinTree | N1 BinTree deriving (Eq, Show)

-- this function creates the full binary tree of size 2^(n+1) -1
makeBinTree 0 = L
makeBinTree n = N (makeBinTree (n-1)) (makeBinTree (n-1))

-- this function creates a complete binary tree of size s with minimum depth
-- the nodes are labeled with 1 to s, and n is the current label of nodes to create.
makeABinTreeNew s n = case () of _
                                   | 2*n + 1 <= s -> N  (makeABinTreeNew s (2*n)) (makeABinTreeNew s (2*n + 1)) 
                                   | 2*n     <= s -> N1 (makeABinTreeNew s (2*n)) 
                                   | otherwise -> L
makeABinTree s = makeABinTreeNew s 1

-- this function computes the size of a binary tree
size L = 1
size (N t1 t2) = 1 + size t1 + size t2
size (N1 t) = 1 + size t

-- this function computes the depth of a binary tree
depth L = 1
depth (N t1 t2) = 1 + max (depth t1) (depth t2)
depth (N1 t) = 1 + depth t


What makes Haskell programming language a preferred option by programmers?

To understand the advantages of using Haskell, then we must consider other functional programming languages as well. Our programming experts have listed the benefits of all functional computing languages, and Haskell being one of them, the break down helps us to understand why software developers love this language.

  • Compared to programs developed in imperative language, functional programs are more concise. This improves the development process and enhances the programmers’ productivity.
  • Functional programming languages encourage quick prototyping. This makes them the best software development tools for advanced programmers.
  • Functional programming languages allows safe multi threading.

Other than the above advantages of functional languages, Haskell itself has many more additional benefits, which is why it is more preferred to other functional languages by programmers. The most notable perks of Haskell include:

  • Clear and user-friendly syntax
  • Programmers can create new lists based on the existing ones
  • It is easier for developers to handle complex formulas as they can create functions without explicitly naming them
  • Haskell allows you to separate blocks or lines of code with the side effects, making it one of the most referential transparent languages

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What Haskell offers to software developers?

Haskell is intuitive and provides easier ways for programmers to get the job done. It combines power and elegance to provide a platform for general-purpose programming. Below are some of the features of Haskell programming language:

  • Purity: Haskell is pure and does not allow side effects. This is contrary to most of the functional computing languages and the most essential aspect of Haskell.
  • Non-strict: Most programmers consider Haskell a “lazy” programming language. This means the language only evaluates things that need to be evaluated. For example, a programmer can define a long list of primes without closing with a recursion, and the program will still execute. Non-strict analysis of code ensures that only those blocks of code that need computation are computed. This results to a clean operation.
  • Strong typing: This means exactly how it sounds. In Haskell, it is practically impossible to follow a null pointer or change a Double into Int. Although many programmers may not like this aspect, in the real sense, strong typing ensures that a program has few bugs.

With the programming space expanding every day, Haskell is becoming an important programming language both in the academic institutions and among programmers. It is due to this reason that student pursuing the discipline have to work exceptionally hard in order to ace in the subject and compete with Haskell programmers in the real world.

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