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Table Of Contents
  • Professional Help With WebGL Homework
  • Rendering
  • GPU Accelerated Computing
  • HTML5 Canvas

Professional Help With WebGL Homework

WebGL is the acronym of Web Graphics Library. It is a widely used standard that supports the creation of 3D graphics over the web. WebGL was created from ES 2.0 library in OpenGL which was used for 3D modeling on mobile phones. If you do not understand the concepts of WebGL or struggling with your project, avail of our help with WebGL homework. We are a one-stop solution for all WebGL project topics.


The process of rendering makes use of computer programs to generate an image from a model. A virtual scene is usually described in graphics using parameters such as geometry shading, and texture. When these parameters are passed through a rendering program, the output is always a digital image. Rendering can be classified into two:

Software rendering

The central processing unit of a computer performs all the rendering computations

Hardware rendering

The graphical processing unit (GPU) carries out all the rendering calculations.

The rendering process can be done remotely with the help of a dedicated server that has sufficient hardware resources. Remote rendering is usually the best option for complex images. Also, an image can be rendered locally using the CPU.

GPU Accelerated Computing

In this type of computing, if the application encounters a section of the code that is compute-intensive, it will be loaded into the central processing unit. The complex portion of the code is then loaded and executed on the GPU. GPU accelerated computing ensures that graphics are efficiently processed by the system.

HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 canvas is a powerful tool that provides the simplest way of using JavaScript to draw graphics, design simple animations, and compose a photo. HTML5 Canvas also supports WebGL applications. You can use the HTML5 canvas to create a WebGL rendering context bypassing the experimental WebGL string to the canvas.getContext() method.