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WebGL Assignment Help


A few years back, 3D graphics were processed using a combination of Java applications, applets, and JOGL. This was done by addressing the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). However, it became quite difficult to rely on Java applets because they require JVM to run. It was for this reason that people stopped using applets a few years later.

GPU accelerated technology was provided by Stage3D in Adobe (Flash, Air). Programmers could use these technologies to develop applications with 2D and 3D capabilities. These apps could run on web browsers as well as Android and iOS. Adobe Flash could not be used as a web standard because it was proprietary software.

It was only until 2011 that WebGL was released as an open ware that could run without a Java Virtual Machine. WebGL is completely controlled by the web browser. Also, the new HTML 5 boasts of several features that support 3D graphics like 2D Canvas, SVG, WebGL, 3D, CSS transforms, and SMIL.

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What is WebGL (Web Graphics Library)?

Web Graphics Library is a new standard for 3D graphics on the web. It renders 2D graphics and interactive 3D graphics. WebGL was derived from OpenGL’s ES 2.0 library, a low-level 3D API for mobile phone devices. It works well on modern 3D graphics hardware and offers the same functionality as ES (Embedded Systems) 2.0. The web graphics library is a JavaScript API. It can be used with HTML5, WebGL code is written within the tag of HTML5. It is the WebGL that allows those internet browsers to access Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) on the computers they are being used in.

Vukicevic, an American-Serbian software engineer laid the groundwork that led to the creation of WebGL. He started working on an OpenGL prototype in 2007. This prototype was for the canvas element of the HTML document. Four years later, the Kronos Group created WebGL.

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This is the process of generating an image from a model using computer programs. A virtual scene can be described using information such as viewpoint, geometry, lighting, texture, and shading. This information is passed through a rendering program and the output will be a digital image.

Rendering can be classified into two:
  • Software rendering – The CPU does all the rendering calculations
  • Hardware rendering – The GPU (graphical processing unit) is responsible for all the graphics related to computations.

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You can also do rendering remotely or locally. Rendering is often done remotely on a dedicated server if the image to be rendered is way too complex. The server must have enough hardware resources that are required to render complex scenes. This process is called a server-based rendering. When rendering is done locally by the CPU, it is called Client-based rendering.

To render 2D scenes, WebGL follows a client-based rendering approach. The client’s graphics hardware is used to perfume all the processing required to obtain an image.

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NVIDIA defines a GPU as a single-chip processor with integrated transform, lighting, triangle set-up/clipping, and rendering engines. A GPU can process a minimum of 10 million polygons per second. A GPU has thousands of smaller cores that process parallel workloads efficiently. This means that GPU accelerates image creation in a frame buffer intended for output to a display. It is quite different from the multi-core processors with a few cores optimized for sequential processing.

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GPU Accelerated Computing

The application is usually loaded into the CPU in GPU accelerated computing. A compute-intensive portion of the code will be loaded and run on GPU whenever such a code is encountered. This expedites the process and gives the system the ability to process graphics efficiently.

Since GPU runs multiple copies of a small portion of the code at a time, it will have a separate memory. All the data in the local memory will be processed by the GPU. However, data in the central memory will not be processed. For this reason, you should load or copy the data that you need to process to the GPU memory. The overhead between the CPU and GPU should be reduced for systems having the architecture shown above. This guarantees faster processing of 3D programs. Also, Instead of communicating with the GPU repeatedly, data can be copied and kept in the GPU.

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A list of Browsers that support WebGL

Mentioned below is a list of web browsers that support WebGL:

  • Internet Explorer version 11 and above, complete support
  • Google Chrome version 39 and above, complete support
  • Safari version 8 and above, complete support
  • Firefox version 36 and above, partial support
  • Opera version 27 and above, partial support

WebGL is also supported in the following mobile browsers:

  • Chrome for Android version 42, partial support
  • The Android browser version 4, partial support
  • iOS Safari version 8.3, complete support
  • Blackberry browser version 10, complete support
  • IE mobile version 10, partial support

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Advantages of WebGL

  • JavaScript programming

All web applications are written in JavaScript. This allows users to directly interact with other elements of the HTML document. Also, they can enrich the WebGL application by using JavaScript libraries like JQuery and HTML technologies.

  • Support by mobile browsers

Like we have mentioned above, WebGL is supported by mobile browsers like iOS Safari, Android Browser, Chrome for Android, and many more.

  • WebGL is open source

Since WebGL is open-source, the source code for the library is easily accessible. Developers can download it to understand how it works and how it was developed.

  • It does not need compilation

There is no need to compile the scripts of JavaScript during execution because it is half-HTML and half-programming. The file can be directly opened using a web browser and the results checked. Also, WebGL applications do not need to be compiled as well since they are developed using JavaScript.

  • Automatic Memory Management

Automatic memory management is supported by JavaScript. Users do not need to manually allocate memory. WebGL applications also inherit this feature from JavaScript.

  • Easy to set up

WebGL is already integrated within HTML 5. As a result, there is no need for any additional set up. All you need to write a WebGL application code is a text editor and web browser.

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How do you set up the environment? Our WebGL project Help experts have explained this below

You do not need to set a different environment for WebGL because the browsers supporting it already have an in-built setup for this. The existing canvas element of HTML 5 is used to write WebGL applications. However, if you encounter any difficulty, you can sign up for our WebGL project help.

HTML5 Canvas

It offers powerful tools that can be used to draw graphics using JavaScript. The HTML5 canvas supports graphs drawing, photo composition making, and doing simple or intricate animations. While writing the syntax of the HTML canvas tag, you have to mention the name of the canvas in double quotations as shown below: 

The Id, width, and height are the three attributes of the canvas tag. The id is the identifier of the canvas element in the DOM (Document Object Model) while the height and width determine the size of the canvas.

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