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TypeScript is a strongly types, compiled and object-oriented language. It is both a set of tools and a language. You can also describe TypeScript as a typed superset of JavaScript. In short, a TypeScript is JavaScript that has additional features.

Types of TypeScript tools

  1. Static types – In a static typed language parameter, variables, languages and objects have types that are known by the compiler at compile time. The compiler uses that information in performing the type checking. Static types is divided into;
    • Primitive/built-in type
    • User-defined type
  2. Generic types – Generic types are used to create a component that can function with different data types rather than just one. Through generic, the program becomes flexible and scalable in the long term.
  3. Decorators types – Decorators are special types of data types that can be attached to a class declaration, accessor, method, property and parameter. It provides the best method to add meta-programming syntax and annotations.

TypeScript Build Tools

Build tools can be described as utilities that help automate the transformation and bundling of source code into one file. People use a tool utility to build a new version of a specific program. Building is the compiling, linking and packaging of a code to be in an executable form. The build tools help developers do day to day activities such as;

  • Downloading dependencies
  • Packaging the binary code
  • Running tests
  • Compiling source code into binary code
  • Deployment to production systems

Build tools integrated with TypeScript include;


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Features of TypeScript

  1. TypeScript supports JavaScript libraries – TypeScript supports all JavaScript elements. It gives developers the ability to use available JavaScript code with TypeScript. In TypeScript, you can use all libraries, frameworks and tools belonging to JavaScript.
  2. Object-Oriented language – TypeScript comes with a complete feature of object-oriented programming. Using TypeScript, you can write code for both server-side and client-side development.
  3. TypeScript is JavaScript – This means that when a code is written in JavaScript and has a valid .js extension, it can be converted to TypeScript. This can be done by simply changing the extension from .js to .ts.
  4. TypeScript is portable – TypeScript can be executed on different browsers, operating systems, or devices, so it is portable. TypeScript can be run on all the environments where JavaScript runs on.
  5. DOM Manipulation – You can use TypeScript to manipulate DOM to remove or handle elements similar to JavaScript.

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TypeScript is a programming language build on JavaScript, helping you to have better tooling at any scale. Our TypeScript tutors know how complex this language is, and that is why they are always available to deal with any challenges you may have. Therefore, if you are searching for TypeScript homework help, whether the simple demonstrations or complex help, we are always available. Many platforms are offering this service, but there are a number of factors you must consider before asking for TypeScript help from an expert. The expert must understand your homework requirements properly, and they must prove that they can complete and deliver before the deadline. You are sure of a good grade by hiring an expert from us to work on your TypeScript homework because we do all homework from scratch. We take time to understand your paper and ask questions where something is not clear. Whether you need TypeScript homework help, TypeScript project help, or TypeScript exam help, we are the right team for you.

Why is TypeScript better than JavaScript?

TypeScript highlights all the errors that happen at compilation during development time, while JavaScript points errors during the runtime.

  • TypeScript supports static typing while that is not available in JavaScript.
  • TypeScript can run on any browser.
  • TypeScript has amazing tooling supports with IntelliSense.
  • TypeScript has a namespace concept be module defining.

Disadvantages of TypeScript

  • Unlike JavaScript, TypeScript takes long to compile the code
  • TypeScript doesn’t support abstract classes

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Components of TypeScript

TypeScript is divided into three layers. Each layer is divided into sub-layers which are commonly called components. The layers include;

  1. Language –Language features different TypeScript elements such as;
    • Syntax
    • Type annotations
    • Keywords
  2. The TypeScript Compiler –The TypeScript Compiler transforms the program equivalent to its JavaScript code while performing other functions such as parsing. Browser does not support the execution of TypeScript directly. That is why the program written in TypeScript is re-written in a similar JavaScript code. It has components such as;
    • Compiler configuration
    • Declaration file
  3. The TypeScript Language Services – This service helps editors give assistance features such as IntelliSense and automated refactoring. This service supports editor operations such as code formatting, colorization, signature help and statement completion.
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