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Do My HTML Homework

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HTML is a widely used markup language that employs a variety of tags to modify and format content. HTML tags are always enclosed within angle braces. Also, almost all the tags used in HTML have a corresponding ending tag. For example, <html> is the starting tag while </html> is the ending tag. Before you start coding in HTML you must familiarize yourself with various tags. Some of the tags used in HTML include heading tags, paragraph tags, line break tags, etc.

HTML Elements

Elements in HTML are defined by a starting tag. These elements are usually enclosed within the starting and ending tags. HTML also has void elements which do not have closing tags. For example, <img/>, <br/>, etc. HTML elements describe how documents are to be built. Also, they specify the type of content that should be placed at a particular part of an HTML document.

HTML Attributes

An HTML attribute defines the character of an element. It is often placed inside the opening tag of the element. HTML attributes consist of a name and value. The name tells us the property that we want to set. For example, <P> is a paragraph element that is has the attribute align. The value is always in a quotation. For example, the align attribute name has three possible values: right, left, and center.