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  • Scala Homework Help provided by world-class Programmers

Scala Homework Help provided by world-class Programmers

Scala is a functional language that runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to solve some of the problems present in the Java language.
It is designed to be interoperable with Java and so can make use of existing Java libraries. Scala supports immutable variables (although technically, they are not variables if they are immutable), lazy evaluation, and pattern matching.
Also, it supports operator overloading, optional parameters, and named parameters. Scala also supports multithreaded and parallel code, and since variables are immutable you can avoid a lot of the synchronization problems present in regular Java code.
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Learn about Scala syntax from our Scala Homework Helpers

According to Scala experts, Scala syntax is much more compact than Java and requires less boilerplate. It provides automatic getters and setters in classes, and semicolons and braces are not always required. For example, you can write “%d apples”.format(num) or “%d apples” format num. In addition, extension methods and traits allow for compact code representation compared to Java.
Traits are similar to interfaces in Java but allow for implementation rather than just a deceleration, which provides a rich way of representing code. You call super() from inside the method and invoke each implementation in a certain order.
For example, you could have a read () function that first converts UTF codes into ASCII, then a separate method to convert the string into a numeric value. Similar to C#, it provides extension methods so that you can add code to an existing class.
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