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PHP is a popular programming language for web development and it is certainly something any student undertaking a web development course will come across. However, it is important to note that learning PHP is never a walk in the park, especially for newbie programmers. The complexity of PHP makes it a tough language even for experienced developers and hence students always find it hard to master.

PHP assignments are one huge challenge many students encounter as they learn web development. It is no secret that many students have had a hard time trying to get their PHP grades right with every assignment they encounter.

At Programming Homework Help, we understand how challenging things might be when it comes to PHP programming. For this reason, we brought together seasoned PHP experts to help the majority of students struggling with poor grades in PHP.

Through our PHP homework help service, students can get in touch with world-class PHP developers who will easily solve their problems. Our experts provide help with PHP assignments, projects, and tuition services to those who need extra coaching.

An overview of PHP

PHP is a general-purpose programming language mainly used in server-side programming. Since its creation, PHP greatly revolutionized the web and as of today, the majority of websites and web applications on the internet use PHP for their back-end programming.

Originally, the developer of PHP never intended to create a new programming language. Soon after the earlier versions were released, PHP started spreading like wildfire because it enabled web developers to start building dynamic web applications and websites.

Today, PHP code can be executed by a command-line interface, embedded into HTML code or used with web frameworks, content management systems, and web templates. The Zend engine is the PHP interpreter and can be ported and be deployed on most web servers. The software is also cross-platform and can be used with any operating system.

Even though PHP faces great competition from other languages such as Python, Perl, and frameworks such as Node.js, a bigger percentage of websites and web apps use PHP for their server-side programming. The most popular content management systems are based on PHP and they also form a huge part of the internet. WordPress which is the most popular CMS is powered by PHP and there are over 60 million WordPress websites on the internet forming about 30% of the total number of websites on the internet. Other content management systems that use PHP are Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, and Moodle.

Apart from just server-side development, PHP can also be used for command-line scripting and development of client-side GUI applications.

PHP topics handled by our experts

When it comes to providing our clients with a reliable service they can bank, we never hold back on anything. Our experts have adept knowledge of PHP as a whole and they can comfortably handle any topic that troubles you in PHP.

You, therefore, don’t have to worry about the topic or the challenge that you are facing because our experts know it all. However, there are some frequent topics which are very notorious and they have proven to be a challenge to many students. Each time a student seeks PHP assignment help from us, these topics never miss to make the list. They are:

PHP programming basics (Data types, Variables, loops, arrays, strings, decision making, file I/O, functions, operators, etc) PHP sessions
PHP and AJAX PHP filters
PHP and MySQL PHP file upload
PHP and XML PHP file handling
PHP forms (form handling, form validation, form required, form email/url) PHP cookies

Why you need help with PHP assignments

To attain and maintain top performance

Good grades in PHP are a dream many students never get to achieve. In most institutions, the majority of the students undertaking PHP courses always end up with poor to average grades and this is mainly due to the challenging nature of the subject.

At Programming Homework Help, we understand the importance of good grades in the assignments you face and this is why we are dedicated to helping you achieve top performance in every assignment. Our experts are seasoned professionals with years of experience working with PHP for professional projects and in writing students assignments as well.

They know all the mistakes that are likely to arise and the best ways of combating them. Therefore, with their great knowledge and experience, you can be sure that nothing can go wrong of they handle your assignment for you.

To save on time

As a student, you are always on a tight schedule and the bulky academic stuff never seem to end. There are always assignments waiting to get done, tests to study for, classes to attend and many more. Apart from the academics, students also have a social life to live and the academic stuff never seem to leave any free time for these students to attend to other things.

Assignments always seem to take up all the free time these students have on their schedule and we can help you reclaim that time back. By letting us handle the assignments for you, all the hours you would have spent solving those assignments will be converted into free time which can be used for something else productive.

Why settle for Programming Homework Help

  • A wide pool of knowledge

We have hired highly qualified individuals who have proven their expertise beyond their academic credentials. These are individuals who not only hold Masters degrees and PhDs in computing but also have solved tons of projects in various programming languages including PHP. By getting PHP assignment help from us, you ensure that you delegate that task to world-class experts who will deliver nothing but the best.

  • High-quality solutions

The solutions we provide are professional in every aspect. The code is written from scratch, well-indented, and thoroughly commented. The solutions are 100% original and we always ensure to test for plagiarism just to make sure what we deliver is authentic. When writing the assignment solutions, we always ensure we strictly follow the guidelines of your institution and any referencing required will be done according to the specified referencing style.

  • 24/7 availability

Our services are available whenever needed you can rely on us to provide urgent assignment help service that won’t have to wait. Both our experts and customer support teamwork in shifts and therefore, there is no chance that you will have no one to serve you at any particular time you visit our website.

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  • On-time delivery

Getting the perfect score you want always starts with submitting your assignment on time. At Programming Homework Help, we are aware of the repercussions of late submission and this is why we are dedicated to delivering your work on time. In most cases, we always deliver before the agreed date to allow the client time to go through the work and confirm that every requirement is met.

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