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Verilog Homework Help

Verilog is a renowned hardware description language (HDL). It can describe a digital system like a network switch, microprocessor, or flip-flop. A hardware description language is usually used to define any digital hardware at any level. HDL designs are independent of technology, easy to debug. Also, they are more useful than schematics, especially for large circuits. Programming Homework Help is an established provider of Verilog homework help. For more than a decade, our seasoned online Verilog programmers are equal to any academic task. Consider taking our assistance if your Verilog homework has proven to be a daunting task.

In Electronic Design, Verilog is used for:
  • Timing analysis
  • Test analysis ( fault grading and testability analysis)
  • Logic synthesis
  • Verification through simulation

The IEEE standardized Verilog HDL at number 1334. The first Verilog version of the IEEE standard was released in 1995. However, the version used by most users was published in 2001. The programming language interface (PLI) of Verilog is also defined in IEEE std 1364. PLI is a collection of software routines that supports the bidirectional interface between Verilog and other languages like C.

According to our Verilog programming homework help service professionals, most students often confuse VHDL with Verilog HDL. You should always remember that VHDL is not an abbreviation of Verilog HDL.

Differences between Verilog HDL and VHDL

Both VHDL and Verilog HDL are hardware description languages. They are used to write programs for electronic chips. Also, they are both used in electronic devices that do not share computer basic architecture.

Below is a summary of the differences:

  • VHDL is based on Pascal and Ada languages while Verilog HDL is based on C programming language.
  • VHDL is considered to be strongly typed, unlike Verilog HDL. Scripts that are not strongly typed cannot compile. Also, VHDL does not allow the intermixing or operation of variables with different classes.
  • Verilog is case sensitive while VHDL is not.
  • VHDL supports complex data types while Verilog allows very simple data types
  • VHDL boasts of library management unlike Verilog

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Verilog is used in design at several levels of abstraction. However, there are only three main levels which include:

Behavioral Level

At this level, a system is described by concurrent algorithms (Behavioral). Since every algorithm is sequential, the behavioral level consists of a set of instructions that are executed one after the other. The main elements in this level are functions, blocks, and tasks. Additionally, the behavioral level does not have any regard for the structural realization of the design.

Register-transfer level

The designs that use the register-transfer level uses operations and the transfer of data between the registers to specify the characteristics of a circuit. Any code that can be synthesized is referred to as the RTL code. This is the modern definition of an RTL code.

Gate Level

The characteristics of a system within a logical level are described using logical links and their timing properties. The signals at this level are discrete and can only have logical values. Also, the usable operations are considered predefined logic primitives or basic gates. Synthesis tools are usually used to generate gate-level code. On the other hand, the netlist is used for backend and gate-level simulation.

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Lexical Tokens

The source text files in the Verilog language are a stream of lexical tokens. These tokens consist of one or more characters. Each token has a single character. Verilog uses the same basic lexical tokens used in the C programming language. Furthermore, all the keywords must be in lower case.

White space

White spaces are allowed in characters for tabs, spaces, form feeds, and newlines. The mentioned characters are always ignored except when they serve to separate tokens.


Comments in Verilog can be represented in two forms:

  • Single line comments – These types of comments begin with the token // and end with a carriage return. For example, //this is a single line comment
  • Multiline comments – They begin with the token /* and end with the token */. For example, /*this is how a multiline comment in Verilog looks like*/

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Verilog allows users to specify a number in binary, hexadecimal, or octal decimal format. 2’s complement numbers are used to represent negative numbers. Additionally, Verilog supports real numbers, integers, and signed and unsigned numbers.


Identifiers refer to the names that are used to define objects like functions, modules, or registers. There are specific conventions that you should follow when choosing an identifier in Verilog. The basic one is that they should begin with an alphabet or underscore character. Verilog identifiers can be up to 1024 characters long. They are a combination of underscore, numeric, alphabetic, and $ characters. Take our help and save yourself from a coding headache


Verilog keywords are words that have special meanings. Examples include case, assign, reg, wire, while, and, module, and, or, etc. Keywords in Verilog should not be used as identifiers. Also, they include system tasks and functions, and compiler directives.

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Our Verilog Homework Help Service Covers Everything under the Scope of Verilog

As we have already seen above, Verilog can be used at different levels of abstraction. Let us now focus on how useful these levels are when it comes to using Verilog.

The Design process

In the diagram above, we can see a simplified view of the electronic system design process incorporated in Verilog. The central part represents the portion that will be impacted by Verilog.

The System-level

Before the hardware-software split, Verilog is not suitable for abstract system-level simulation. Verilog users are restricted to working with pre-defined system functions and tasks for stochastic simulation. It can also be used for modeling performance, queueing, and throughput but only as far as those built-in language features allow. Verilog is not like VHDML which supports user-defined types and overloaded operators which allow the designer to abstract work into the domain of the problem. In this level of design, users often use the stochastic level of abstraction.


Today, Verilog is used in the digital hardware design processes. This includes functional simulation, manual design, and logic synthesis, and gate-level simulation. This area is supported by Verilog tools that offer an integrated design environment.

Verilog programming language also supports specialized implementation-level design verification tools. Some of these tools include fault simulation, worst-case timing simulation ad switch level simulation. Verilog is suited for gate-level fanout loading effects simulation and routing delays through the import of SDF files.

The register-transfer level of abstraction allows for functional simulation before synthesis. The gate level of abstraction is not often created by the designer. It exists post-synthesis. The gate-level is adopted by the EDA tools. For example, synthesis and timing analysis.


Verilog has been stretched to handle analog simulation in limited cases because of its flexibility as a programming language. Verilog AMS, which is a draft standard addresses analog and mixed-signal simulation.

Synthesizing Verilog

So how can you write an excellent synthesizable Verilog code that gives you the hardware you want? The easiest and surest way is to avail of our Verilog homework help. We know how complicated it is to write Verilog codes. It is for this reason that we introduced this immaculate service. You can buy Verilog homework here at Programminghomeworkhelp.com.

Synthesizing often refers to very different tools. It includes function generators and silicon compilers used by ASIC vendors. These tools are used to produce regular RAM and ROM type structures. In our context, synthesizing describes the process of generating random logic structures from the Verilog description. It works best with gate arrays and programmable devices such as FPGAs. Pay for Verilog homework from the comfort of your home without much hassle.

Currently, there are three types of synthesis:
  • RTL synthesis
  • Behavioral synthesis
  • High-level synthesis

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