Computer Security Assignment Help 

The process of detecting and preventing any unauthorized use of a computer or laptop is what we call computer security. It involves safeguarding your system against unauthorized users from using personal or office-based computer resources for:
  • Malicious intent
  • Personal gains
  • Or even accessing the resources accidentally

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What should you secure? 

Let us assume that you are a competent IT administrator in a small firm with two small servers. You are doing an excellent job of conducting regular updates, setting up firewalls, updating your antivirus, etc. One morning, you are informed that the organization’s employees cannot access the systems anymore. You carry out a check and find that one of the cleaners removed the power cable by mistake and unplugged the server.

In this case, you can see that even the physical security of your system is important. However, for most people, it is the last thing they are worried about. So, what should you secure in your computer environment?

  • First, you should put in place physical security such as motion alarms, CCTV cameras humidity sensors, temperature sensors, or even hire a guard. This will decrease the possibility of your computer being stolen.
  • All the employees who have access to your system and organization should have their user ID or password. This will ensure that only authorized individuals can access the computer resources and the firm.
  • Install a screen saver in all your computer monitors to hide information that may be displayed when the computer is inactive.
  • All your networks and internet equipment like routers should be secured with passwords
  • Encrypt your data
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Why our computer security homework help experts think security is important 

Today, cyberspace (Internetwork environment and intranet) has been infiltrated by hackers and fraudsters. It has become a dangerous place for all organizations and individuals who have a reputation or sensitive data to protect. Several people and machines use the internet and its resources.

Recent studies have shown that big threats to organizations’ computer security are internal or from disappointed employees. This is because these people can easily access information or material over the intranet, like the Edward Snowden Case.

Another indicator is the IT skills of people who attempt to breach computer securities have increased but the success rate has increased. According to our online computer security experts, this is as a result of the following three factors:

  • There are endless hacking tools which can be found easily by everyone
  • Over the years, end-user technology like internet bandwidth and computer processing speeds have rapidly increased
  • There is easy access to hacking information and manuals
These factors can make even a curious schoolboy a potential hacker. For an extensive discussion on the aforementioned three factors, get our computer security homework help.

It is near impossible to lock down all networks. The only viable option security managers have is to make their networks, applications, and operating systems non-porous. Also, they must have a business disaster recovery plan.

What are the benefits of Computer Security?

  • Awareness
The biggest threat or the weakest point of computer security is us, the humans. They are the untrained or uninformed persons who end up leaking crucial information to third parties or publish information on the internet without knowing the consequences. Without awareness, someone masquerading to be from your bank can call you and steal your sensitive bank details.

However, if your bank informed you in advance of hackers and fraudsters who are lying to clients, then this will directly minimize the chances of your identity being stolen or your computer being hacked.
  • Protecting your reputation
It is quite difficult for organizations to hide a successful breach from their clients, potential customers, and partners because of the public nature of websites. Sometimes, your entire website might be brought down by hackers. In other cases, you might be forced to do so yourself to limit your exposure or damage.

It is tough to recover from reputational damage caused by cyberattacks. Having a robust computer security solution can protect both your reputation and credibility. Facebook, for example, is offering rewards to developers who can identify security vulnerabilities and bugs within their platform. I guess this is a case where they turn potential poachers into game-changers. Take our computer security homework help service for an extensively researched write-up with relevant examples.

  • Protecting your data
Like we have mentioned above, some attacks can result in personal data such as usernames, passwords, security question answers, and payment details being stolen. This was the case in March 2015, when hackers in an aggressive attack that appeared to come from Russia, targeted the British Airways Executive Club scheme.

Members of the executive club noticed that their loyalty points had been used to book flights and hotel rooms for trips they had not made. Others found that their mobile phone numbers and other personal data had been changed.

Deploying strong, robust, and regularly updated computer security systems can protect your data and more importantly your clients' data. Additionally, you can gain a competitive advantage over your competitors who fail to make their data security a business priority. Avail of our help with computer security homework if you want to learn more about this.

  • Being proactive always pays off
Taking a genuinely proactive approach to your computer resources security guarantees all the three benefits above. For example here at, our IT professionals have invested long hours in the last 12 months, to make sure that all our sensitive information and servers are secure.

This is a huge commitment that we can never compromise on. You can also take it as the cost of staying in business in the age that we are living in. The perceived cost of putting in place robust security measures have put off many businesses. But according to our professionals, it costs more to recover from an attack than it does to prepare for one.

Potential losses that can result from security attacks

  • Losing data
There is a high possibility that all your data will be wiped out by the attacker if your computer is hacked or infected with a virus.
  •  Misuse of your computer resources
Your network or computer can go in overload so you cannot access genuine services. Also, your computer or network can be used to attack another machine.
  • Identity theft
Your personal information like photo, name, surname, credit card, and address can be used to falsify documents or commit crimes.
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Elements of Computer Security that are covered under our Computer Security Project Help 

The computer security state should be able to detect and prevent attacks, and also recover from the attack. It has to contain the disruption of information and services and check their tolerance level if these attacks are successful as such. To fulfill these requirements, you have to understand the three elements of computer security.


This involves concealing information or resources from third parties. It is essential to keep information from unauthorized people who might want to access it. For example, suppose you and your friend are communicating via an encrypted email. You both know the decryption key of each other which you use to read the mail. If a stranger gets access to these keys, then the confidentiality of the emails have been compromised.


The trustworthiness of your systems or resources and preventing unauthorized or improper changes is known as integrity. It is composed of two sub-elements:
  • Data integrity – deals with the content of data
  • Authentication – involves the origin of the information
Suppose you are doing an online payment of 5 USD but someone tampers with the information without your knowledge and sends 500USD. This could cost you much. In this case, you could use cryptography to guarantee the integrity of your data. Methods like hashing which involves comparing data with a hash of a message can do the trick.

However, the hash of the original data must be provided securely.
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The availability element strives to answer the question, “is the data accessible when needed?” Information is only valuable if authorized people can access it at the right time. Denying users access to data is a common attack. For example, if you have ever worked in a busy organization and the live server goes to downtime, then you probably know how costly this can be.

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