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Most people now own a smartphone. Thanks to one innovative technology that made the idea of smartphones a reality. Otherwise, we would still be predicting when smartphones would come of age. If you are a computer enthusiast, you must have heard about ARM processors. This is the technology that we are talking about. Besides phones, it’s common in most of the handheld devices that we all own. This makes it an important processor that we must learn about. Much of the programming done for these processors is through the ARM assembly language, which we shall introduce to you in this article. But first, we have to understand what ARM processors are?

 What is ARM?

ARM is a term that stands for advanced RISC machines. Originally it stood for Acorn RISC Machine. It’s the most commonly used processor in handheld devices. They were first developed in 1978. A look at the acronym of ARM will reveal the intended purpose of ARM. You will notice that there is another acronym in the name. This is RISC. RISC is an abbreviation for reduced instruction set computing. What does this imply? Initially, CPUs or the computer’s central processing unit were invented to take large processes and consume a lot of power. Transferring these CPUs into handheld devices proved very challenging, and that is what RISC does. In conjunction with ARM, technology makes it possible for handheld devices to have their own CPUs and have low consumption power.

Contrary to what we might be suggesting above, ARM is used not only in handheld devices but also in desktops where they play a major role in improving power consumption. In the same manner, they can also be employed on supercomputers where they function as power consumption solutions. Now you can see how widespread this technology is in the current setting.

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