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  • Virtual Memory

Pay for Computer Architecture Homework Help

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In computer architecture, pipelining is a technique used in the implementation of several instructions. In this method, the codes are overlapped during execution. The pipelining process happens in stages. Every stage is executed in parallel and connected to the next stage to form a pipe. Meaning, the instruction starts from one end, goes through all the stages and exit at the final end. While pipelining doesn't reduce the amount of time each instruction takes to execute, it increases the throughput of the instructions.

Cache Memory

Cache memory is also known as CPU memory because it is a chip that is directly integrated into the CPU. It is high-speed storage that can be accessed faster by the microprocessor. Cache memory makes the process of data retrieval easy and super-efficient. It can also be seen as a temporary memory where the CPU can access data. The cache is always readily available compared to the normal RAM.

Virtual Memory

Memory shortage is always an issue in computers. To mitigate and compensate for storage inadequacy, the computer operating system temporarily transfers data from RAM to disk storage. This is often done to combine both the RAM and hard disk storage. It is a process that frees up RAM and enables the task to be completed.