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Game Design Assignment Help

A computer game is a series of interesting and meaningful choices made by a player pursuing a clear and compelling goal. It can also be defined as software or a program where players need to make critical decisions by controlling game objects and resources while in pursuit of a goal.

In this article, we are going to dive into the theory, practice, and technologies that are associated with the development of modern computer games of all variety. If you need professional help with game design assignments, do not look any further. Hire our online game design programmers and get to submit top-notch help with game design assignments.

A Brief History of Game Design

Today, the computer game sector is a multi-dollar industry. A variety of games have been developed that suit different genres and simulate the real-world like car racing, popular sports, strategy, role-playing, adventure, and so on. Players are sometimes forced to commit several hours in a game while pursuing a distant goal. On the other hand, there are also those games that can be played for just a few minutes.

Computer games are said to be as old as computers. One of the oldest games called Tennis for Two dates back to 1958. It was developed by William Higinbotham at the Brookhaven National Lab. The tennis for the two-game was played on an oscilloscope. Another example is Spacewar developed in 1961 by a group of MIT students. Spacewar was programmed in the PDP 1.

This program was made available to several universities when the Arpanet was developed. The Arpanet was the forerunner to the internet. Although space war is credited as the first influential computer game, its influence was confined to academic and research institutions and not the general public.

The 90s saw the development of consoles, handhelds, and MMOs with ever-increasing graphical and processing capabilities. Companies like Nintendo, Sega, and Sony PlayStation came up with popular games. However, it was the 2000s that witnessed the rise of the so-called sixth generation game consoles. Sony introduced their PlayStation 2 with their hit game Resident Evil. Microsoft Xbox was also not left behind with its seventh-generation follow-ups.

Today, the gaming industry is continuing to soar in terms of scale and complexity of games. The resurgence of interest in systems that supports virtual and augmented reality has recently led to the development of head-mounted displays. This technology proves that there is a great sense of immersion into the gaming world. There are also improvements in sensor technology.

This has led to the development of more sophisticated controls that are based on voice recognition and gestures. Examples of such devices include Microsoft Kinetics.

Another new trend in game design is open-source game software. Game users and players have the opportunity to contribute and modify games as per their requirements. Users can also share their artistic elements and design new game levels.
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Elements of Computer Games that are covered under our Game Design Homework Help

Computer games can be fun to play but also quite challenging to implement. According to our game design homework helpers, these hurdles arise from the confluence of several elements that play a key role in the execution and performance of the game. Some of these elements include:

Real-time 3D computer graphics

High-end computer games boast photo-realistic imagery at the rate of 30-60 frames per second. The 3-dimensional process is complicated for the following reasons:
  1. Large complex geometric models – A vast number of geometric elements are used to create an illusion of cities, forests, crowds, jungles, etc. Also, the geometric structures of natural objects such as fur, hair, trees, clouds, and water are quite sophisticated, since they move and interact in an intricate manner
  2. Complex lighting - The natural objects mentioned above reflect light in a subtle and complex way.
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Artificial Intelligence

The motion and behaviors of non-player entities are controlled by the game software controls. Artificial intelligence is an essential element in game design because it helps developers achieve realistic behavior.

Motion and Navigation

Players need to move their characters from one location to another. The character needs to move several other non-player entities to generate a natural-looking motion. For example, in the popular FIFA game, the game player can only control one player at a time, the AI must use the motion and navigation element to move the other players to make the game look like a real football match.


The laws of physics guide how the objects of a game interact with one another. The capability to determine efficiently when objects will collide with each other or when they should move in response to other collisions is also based on physics.


To communicate with the current game state between players, multiplayer games use a network. The game states that individual players usually perceive are momentarily inconsistent because of the latency inherent in network communication. These latencies are often hidden or concealed from the players. Our game design homework help service caters to assignments related to the networking element.


The state or levels completed by the player are stored in a database. These databases must be maintained consistently throughout.


Like we mentioned at the start of this section, games are fun and complicated at the same time. For this reason, some players are always seeking ways to cheat. If you love games, we know that you have probably tried cheating to complete an intricate level. In multiplayer games, the behavior of a cheating player can degrade the experience of an honest player. The game software must detect and obstruct illicit game interaction.

In some universities and colleges, game design is offered as a complete course consisting of various topics. Students pursuing courses related to game design are required to curate exceptional game design homework solutions to secure decent grades. In this article, we are only focusing on a few relevant topics. However, we can assure you that our experts are certified and immensely experienced game experts. They can assist you with any kind of project when you avail of our game design project help.

Computer Game Architecture

Creating a large computer game is a technical undertaking. Such games involve a large number of interacting components. Also, not all computer games require the same resources, capabilities, or level of complexity. For example, the combination of components used in a high-end 3D game like call of duty is very different from the ones used for a casual 2D game like Tetris.

Understanding the structure of typical game engines is one way of understanding the software structure underlying a generic game. Game engines were first developed in the mid-90s. The first engine was used for a popular game called Doom. The game had a separation between the core game components (such as the rendering system, audio system, and collision detection system), rules of play, and the art assets (which include textures, models, and animations).

The separation provided a framework for adding new elements and allow users to modify the game. The system was extended to other games and at some point became generic enough to be implemented on different games based on a core set of components. Today, the most popular game engines include unity 3D and Unreal Engine 4. Buy game design homework from us if you are stuck with an assignment on game engines.

Components of a modern game engine

  • System
This is the low-level software on which the game engine runs. It also interacts with the operating system of the platform the game is running on and the target system which the game executes.
  • Third-party SDKs and Middleware
These are the software development kits and libraries provided by third parties. They include:
  1. graphics(OpenGL and DirectX)
  2. Physics ( Havok, PhysX, and Bullet)
  3. Character animation (Granny)
  4. Basic data structures and algorithms (Java class library, C++ STL, Boost++)
  5. Networking supports (Unix sockets)
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  • Platform independent layer
The platform independence layer provides software that translates between system-dependent implementations and the game-specific operations associated with them.
  • Core system
These are the tools that support any software development environment. These tools offer assertion and testing, memory allocation/deallocation, unit testing, mathematics library, debugging aids, etc.

Other components not discussed here include resource manager, rendering engine, and many more. Consider sending us a simple message “do my game design homework” whenever you need an expert to assist you with your game project.

Why do students need game design project help?

Game design is a convoluted subject. Apart from requiring the scholar to possess in-depth knowledge of coding and other computer-related subjects, they must also be committed and focused. Since this subject is also practical in nature, game design students should practice the concepts consistently. Also, game design is sensitive, any single mistake, and will make the game not work and return errors.

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