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LISP stands for List Programming. It is an old programming language that involves the processing of lists. The language was invented in 1958 by John McCarthy shortly after the development of FORTRAN. The first implementation of LISP was on an IBM 704 computer done by Steve Russell. Since LISP processes symbolic information efficiently, it is particularly suitable for Artificial Intelligence programs. Its ability to easily extend for specific implementation has made it one of the most popular programming languages today.
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According to our LISP homework help experts, the applications developed in LISP are largely successful. A good example is Emacs, a cross-platform editor that helps identify features like extensibility, customizability, self-documentability, and real-time display. CLISP is GNU Common and is considered a multi-architectural compiler. It is used to set up LISP in Windows. The Windows version imitates the UNIX environment using MingW.
LISP expressions are called symbolic expressions or S-expressions and consist of three objects: - Atoms, Lists, and Strings. Any S-expression is a valid program and runs either on an interpreter or as a compiled code. The source code is checked by the interpreter in a repeated loop, known as Read-Evaluate-Print Loop (REPL). This loop reads the program code, evaluates it, and prints values that are returned by the program.
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