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Table Of Contents
  • We Provide Help with Arduino Assignments On All Topics
  • Arduino Board Types
  • Arduino Data Types
  • Arduino Functions
  • Arduino Strings

We Provide Help with Arduino Assignments On All Topics

Arduino is an open-source platform that is based on easy-to-use hardware and software. This platform has a circuit board which is referred to as a microcontroller that can be programmed and a ready-made software called Arduino Integrated Development Environment. If you need professional help with Arduino assignments, consider hiring our programming experts. They have in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with all the topics of Arduino.

Arduino Board Types

There is a full range of Arduino boards that are available in the market. However, the type of board you use will depend on the various microcontrollers that you are using. The common characteristic about all Arduino boards is that they have all been programmed via the Arduino IDE. Arduino boards are differentiated by the number of inputs & outputs, the voltage the board is operating with, speed of the board, form factor, etc.

Arduino Data Types

The Arduino platform is similar to C++ but with library support. To simplify the coding process, Arduino is also equipped with built-in assumptions. Some of the data types that are accepted in Arduino include Boolean, float, unsigned char, char, unsigned long, long, int, etc. Remember that variables declared as unsigned only allow values that are positive while those declared as signed accept both positive and negative values.

Arduino Functions

Functions are vital in programming languages because they help the coder segment the code to perform specific tasks. The two main functions that are needed in any Arduino program or sketch are the loop () and the setup (). You can only create other functions outside the brackets of the aforementioned brackets. Also, if you want to declare a function, it should be done outside any other function. This can be below or above the loop function.

Arduino Strings

Strings in Arduino can be used to store the user input and show texts in the serial monitor window or LCD. Arduino has two types of strings:

Arrays of characters

This type of string is similar to C programming Strings

The Arduino string

This type of string allows you to use a string object in an Arduino sketch