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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the most extensively used language in designing web pages. It was invented by Tim Berners Lee at CERN, and is used on every website you visit. You use <> to indicate formatting. So < b > means bold, < i > means italic, < a > means a link, (< br/ > means a line break, and <img> means an image. Some tags are used on their own but most of them are used in pairs.
HTML is used to build webpages and link them together. It simply “marks up” a text document with tags that instruct a web browser on how to display the structure. Originally, HTML was developed with the purpose of defining the document structure (the headings, paragraphs, lists, etc.) to facilitate the sharing of scientific information between researchers. Today, the language with the help of different formatting tags is widely used to create web pages.
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Like all languages used to create websites, HTML has unique elements that help developers built the perfect sites. Below are some of these elements highlighted by our HTML experts:


Attributes are used to define the characteristics of an HTML element. They are placed inside the opening tag of the element. All attributes are made up of two parts, that is, the name and value, where the name is the property to be set.

Property values

There are three possible values of a property usually identified as left, center, and right. These values are written inside quotation marks. The names and values of attributes are case sensitive. The four core attributes that are used in the majority of the HTML elements are the id, title, class, and style. The id attribute of an HTML tag is used to identify elements within a web page.


Metadata gives additional information about the content that is uploaded on the website. It enables the search engines to quickly identify what the content is about so and show it to the readers who search for it.
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