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The Eclipse Window

The following are the main parts of an eclipse window that are visible:
  • Editors
  • Menu Bar
  • Views
  • Toolbar

The eclipse perspective is drawn from the initial collection and arrangement of the editor area and views. Java is the default perspective. While only one perspective can be active at a point in time, an eclipse window allows you to open several perspectives. It is up to you to switch from one perspective to another or even open a new perspective.

Eclipse Menus

The eclipse window has the following typical menus on the menu bar:

  • File Menu

This menu allows users to open and edit files, close editors, save content in the editor, file renaming, etc. Also, the user can export and import workspace content and close eclipse using the file menu

  • Edit

This menu has items such as copy and paste

  • Source

This menu can only be seen when a Java editor is open. It contains multiple items that are associated with editing Java source code.

  • Navigate

You can use this menu to locate resources quickly.

  • Search

This menu allows you to search the workspace for data-specific files.

Other menus include:

  • Project
  • Run
  • Window
  • Help

You can add new menus and items in Eclipse using plug-ins. The plug-ins that have been installed and the customization done determine the menu items that can be seen on the menu.

Eclipse Views

Views in Eclipse provide users with a graphical representation of their project metadata. For instance, you can graphically represent the folders and files related to a file using the project navigator. Multiple editors and views can be shown in an eclipse perspective. Unlike editor instances that are shown in a single editor area, views, on the other hand, are placed inside view folders. A workbench window is not limited to the number of view folders it can display. Also, one or multiple views can be displayed by a single view folder.

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