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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft-created public cloud computing platform service for building, deploying, managing, and testing services and applications via data centers managed by Microsoft. It has solutions such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). These solutions can be used for virtual computing, analytics, networking, and computing, among others. It supports various programming languages, frameworks, and tools, both Microsoft-oriented as well as third-party systems and software. Previously referred to as Windows Azure, the cloud-based computing program is mostly used by companies with a revenue of between $ 1 million and 10 million and 10-50 workers.


Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of services categorized into computer services, mobile services, storage services, Identity services, data management, and messaging services.

Computing Services

Infrastructure as a service (Iaas) provides a platform for users to create general-purpose Linux and Microsoft Windows virtual machines. It also allows for the launching of preconfigured machine images for well-established software packages. As for websites, Azure allows developers to create sites using Python, PHP, ASP.NET, and Node. Js. It can be deployed via Team Foundation Server, FTP, Mercurial, or Git. Alternatively, they can be uploaded via the user portal. The Platform as a service (PaaS) platform allows developers to publish and run websites easily.

Mobile services

Azure's Mobile Engagement gathers real-time analytics focus on the behavior of users as well avails push notifications to mobile devices. It has a HockeyApp that can be used in creating, distributing, and beta-testing mobile apps.

Storage Services

Microsoft Azure's Storage Service provides SDK APIs and REST for data accessibility on the cloud. File Service provides for the accessibility and storage of cloud data by the use of the SMB protocol or REST, while Queue Service allows programs to communicate asynchronously through messages by the use of queues. Blob Service lets programs store binary data and unorganized text in the form of blobs that can be accessed via an HTTP(S) path. Additionally, the Blob Service offers security devices to control data accessibility. Table Service allows programs to store unorganized text in entities comprised of partitioned collections and that are accessed by a primary key and partition key.

Identity Services

Azure Active Directory is used for the synchronization of on-premises directories as well as facilitating single sign-on. Azure Active Directory B2C lets one use the consumer identity as well as grants success to management in the cloud. Azure Active Directory Domain Services is usable in connecting Azure virtual machines to a domain in the absence of domain controllers, while Azure information protection is applicable in safeguarding vulnerable information.

Data Management Services

Azure Data Explorer offers big data exploration and data analytics capabilities, whereas Azure Search offers text search as well as a subset of OData's organized filters using REST or SDK APIs. Azure Synapse Analytics is an entirely run cloud data warehouse, while Azure Data Lake is a scalable data analytic and storage service for huge data scrutiny workloads that need developers to manage massively parallel queries. Azure Cache for Redis is a Redis-run implementation, whereas Azure SQL Database uses Microsoft SQL Server technology to establish, scale, and develop applications into the cloud.

Functions of Microsoft Azure

As a result of its advanced site recovery, inbuilt integration, and innate flexibility, Microsoft Azure is a backup and disaster recovery dream tool that can create backup for almost all languages and on any OS. In the case of hosting, developing, or running a mobile or web app, Azure functions to make such apps autonomous and compatible with Autoscale, patch management, and integration for on-premise apps. The cloud computing platform can integrate with your Active Directory to distribute and enhance the capabilities of your identity, thus giving your DNS a centralized organization, robust security, and worldwide recognition. Due to its flexibility, scalability, and security, Azure functions to innovate companies morphing towards the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.