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Usually, C homework involves the use of Linux, and Linux uses the terminal with BASH or another shell. Implementing shell is a reasonably common homework for many courses. If you need a programmer to install a shell version that supports redirection, pipes, background processes, then you have come to the right place.

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Are you unsure about the commands you should use? A shell should support the ability to run a few built-in commands (list files directory, change current directory), but most commands run with an external file on the system. It is the type of C programming assignment help that we can do cheaper than the competition.

C is often used to teach the fundamentals of programming, but it lacks those features in standard libraries. One of the most common assignments involves writing linked lists (and variants such as a double linked list, or a circular linked list).

If you need C programming lab assignments help, then we can bring in these assignments quickly and professionally. We also help with assignments related to complicated data structures such as binary trees, red-black trees, hash tables, stacks, and queues.

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Memory is an issue with C.

We have to allocate and free memory ourselves (there is no garbage collector). The allocation is done using either malloc or calloc (clears memory) and is freed by using free.

Another assignment we have encountered from multiple Universities is to write a replacement for malloc and free, with additional constraints such as coalescing adjacent free blocks and different strategies to deal with fragmentation.

You need to reserve extra memory to store bookkeeping information so that when it is released entire block is de-allocated, and is done by returning a pointer that is past the header information.

You don’t need to implement realloc, but we can do that too. We’ve also programmed a memory allocator that uses the preprocessor to add information on alloc about where the memory was allocated from in the source code, and it can check when freeing memory to see if there was an overflow to give more useful diagnostic output.

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Another reason people need our C programming assignment service is to deal with function pointers, there is no equivalent in Java (although using an interface and multiple classes allows you to use a light version of it). Function pointers use a few different ways, but one of the main ways is to implement a state transition engine.

Using function pointers is easy, but the syntax is complex to define. Don’t worry about having to find the exact order of brackets that allow you to define a function pointer, we will do all the work for you with our C assignment helper.

Kernel modifications are another reason you need our C programming assignment help.

It can either be a kernel module that is loadable in Linux or may involve writing low-level code that interfaces with assembly language and runs on a virtual machine.

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We have done assignments where we had to implement graphic functions that would allow you to access the VGA display running under a DOS-style environment. These included text display using the VGA character mapped screen, and also mode 13, where each pixel stored in a byte (a 320 x 200 display).

Although compilers often produce assembly language, it is also possible to write a C program that has the advantage of being cross-platform.

Our C programming experts can assist you with code generation that outputs C (or assembly if that is required).

C is often used to write compilers with tools such as Lex, Yacc, and Bison, which take in grammar and output a tokenizer and parser for the source code.

These assignments are a part of a term-long project where we add features until we have completed a reasonable subset required for an operating system. It is a specialized code, and you need a competent online C tutor who can not only do the work but explain how the different parts of the systems integrate as it requires a real C programming assignment help expert.