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Memory Allocation Homework Help.

Main memory is a term that refers to the physical component of the computer that is the internal memory of the computer. Sometimes, we could refer to it as the random access memory or RAM. It should not be confused with external memory, such as hard disks or flash disks. All the tasks that we do often require the main memory. Whether it’s copying data from one file to another or running an application, it must be copied to the main memory. Main memory is an integral part of the computer.

As it has always been said, memory is limited. That is why it needs to be managed effectively. The process of managing memory is referred to as memory management. Memory management keeps track of each and every space that is allocated to a variable. Its role is to decide which task is allocated with the memory first and which one is not.

What is memory allocation?

The process of assigning memories to the various computer programs is referred to as memory allocation. Memory can be allocated partially or fully to a process, and it’s achieved through memory management. Memory allocation also occurs before or after the execution of the program. Memory allocations can be categorized into static and dynamic memory allocation

Static memory allocation.

The name static memory allocation is derived from the English term static, which means lack of movement or something that is stationary. In most cases, this memory is allocated at the time when the program is being created. An example is when a programmer creates a variable of 5 characters in his/her code, the computer designates five blocks of the memory, which is reserved for all that memory. The memory cannot increase or decrease. If the programmer uses the four blocks of the memory allocated, then the remaining one goes waste and does not adjust to the needs of the user.

This method of memory allocation poses a challenge when the programmer does not know what memory to allocate before the program. The programmer has the option of approximating the maximum number of memory allocations. Therefore, the programmer tends to err on the maximum side. But nothing is perfect. Sometimes the memory allocated could be more than the one currently being used, and sometimes it could be less. If it’s less than the allocated memory, then the excess memory goes to waste.

Static memory allocation is advantageous in the sense that it’s faster and much easier to allocate memory as compared to dynamic memory allocation.

Dynamic memory allocations

A method of memory allocation which is complicated but more appropriate in the application is dynamic memory allocation. Here the memory allocations adjust with the changing needs of the program. As such, no memory goes to waste, and each is utilized appropriately; it’s the one that most programmers are encouraged to use more often. Memory allocation is done after the programming. The advantage of dynamic memory allocation is that it helps to save memory. The programmer can assign memory and free it up easily.

Though differences between dynamic and static memory allocation exist, there are a few similarities that they hold. In both cases, memory allocations are done by the programmer manually. The downside of it comes during the memory allocation. It’s quite complex as compared to its counterpart static memory allocation

Summary of the differences.

  1. Static allocation is fixed, and once the homework is done it cannot change while dynamic allocation is not fixed.
  2. In static memory allocation, resizing after the allocation is not easy, while in dynamic memory allocation, it’s quite easy.
  3. It’s much easier to implement static allocation than dynamic allocation.

Memory allocated cannot be reused in static allocation.

Memory allocation homework help.

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