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IntelliJ IDEA Editions

IntelliJ is an IDE created for JVM languages to maximize the productivity of the coder. This IDE performs repetitive and routine tasks using clever code completion, refactoring, and analysis of static code. Examples of JVM languages supported by IntelliJ include Java, Scala, Kotlin, and Groovy. The IntelliJ IDEA has three editions:
  • IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

This is the commercial edition of enterprise development, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and web. This edition has all the community edition features. It supports the languages that other IDEs support as well as front-end and server-side frameworks, etc.

  • IntelliJ IDEA Community

The community edition is free. It is founded on open-source Java Virtual Machine and Android development.

  • IntelliJ IDEA Edu

This edition is free and equipped with built-in lessons for JVM languages like Kotlin, Java, and Scala. It has special features for teachers to assist them with educational processes such as creating their courses. IntelliJ IDEA Edu also offers interactive programming homework.

Design and Customizable Appearance

Tunability is one of the things that makes IntelliJ IDEA popular. The programmer has the power to virtually configure anything. From the appearance of the IDE and tool windows layout to code highlighting and toolbars structure. IntelliJ also has several ways of fine-tuning the editor and furnishing its behavior to expedite navigation and remove extras that may distract you from the program.

Search and Navigation

IntelliJ IDEA has super-fast navigation both in the inside source code files and throughout the entire project. If you want to access the search everywhere dialog, double shift. Your search will be conducted on all files and classes in your project.

File Structure

The file structure has all the elements that are used in the current file. It can be opened by pressing CTRL + F12.

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