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Advanced Python Assignment Help

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Creating an Instance of the Class “Car”

# Define a class for a Car class Car: def __init__(self, make, model, year): self.make = make self.model = model self.year = year self.odometer = 0 def get_description(self): return f"{self.year} {self.make} {self.model}" def read_odometer(self): return f"This car has {self.odometer} miles on it." def update_odometer(self, mileage): if mileage >= self.odometer: self.odometer = mileage else: print("You can't roll back an odometer!") # Create an instance of the Car class my_car = Car("Toyota", "Corolla", 2022) # Accessing methods of the Car class print(my_car.get_description()) # Output: 2022 Toyota Corolla my_car.update_odometer(15000) print(my_car.read_odometer()) # Output: This car has 15000 miles on it.

In this example:

  • We define a Car class with attributes such as make, model, year, and odometer.
  • Methods like get_description, read_odometer, and update_odometer demonstrate encapsulation and data manipulation within the object.
  • The instance my_car is created and methods are called to retrieve car description and update/read odometer readings.

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Our advanced Python assignment help service specializes in offering comprehensive help with advanced Python assignments. With a focus on quality, reliability, and timely delivery, our experienced team of advanced Python assignment experts ensures students receive the support they need. Trust our service for any Programming Homework Help to achieve academic success.

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Explore our glowing reviews from students who have benefited from our advanced Python assignment help service at ProgrammingHomeworkHelp.com. Our students consistently praise the accuracy, depth, and originality of our solutions. They highlight our experts' professionalism and the positive impact on their academic performance. Read their testimonials to see how our tailored programming homework help can help you achieve outstanding results

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Meet our esteemed Python assignment experts specializing in advanced Python assignments at ProgrammingHomeworkHelp.com. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Python programming and advanced concepts. They specialize in crafting customized solutions tailored to your academic needs, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and efficiency in every assignment. Trust our experts to deliver comprehensive guidance and support, empowering you to excel in your Python studies and achieve your academic goals with confidence.

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